Panasonic patents granted on 14 October 2014

53 US patents granted on 14 October 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE45,199 Compiler apparatus
2 D715,465 Light-emitting diode lamp
3 D715,464 Light-emitting diode lamp
4 D715,218 Battery for portable computer
5 8,863,242 Network connecting device and method
6 8,863,160 Disc device having a carrier for retaining a plurality of discs in a stacked state
7 8,862,910 Portable information processing terminal which obtains a power consumption benchmark of new applications
8 8,862,789 Communication control device
9 8,862,282 Energy supply system
10 8,862,281 Electric power distribution system
11 8,862,270 Control apparatus, control method, and control program for pneumatic artificial muscle drive mechanism
12 8,861,974 Optical signal transmitting apparatus
13 8,861,940 Recording medium, playback device and integrated circuit
14 8,861,888 Image processing device, imaging device, and image processing method
15 8,861,853 Feature-amount calculation apparatus, feature-amount calculation method, and program
16 8,861,774 Sound reproduction device
17 8,861,763 Speaker retaining mechanism and television receiver comprising same
18 8,861,711 Echo cancellation apparatus, conferencing system using the same, and echo cancellation method
19 8,861,607 Motion compensation method, picture coding method and picture decoding method
20 8,861,606 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
21 8,861,592 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
22 8,861,486 Wireless communication system and wireless communication apparatus
23 8,861,456 Radio communication device and method for performing a multicarrier operation using a plurality of carriers
24 8,861,426 Path switching system, path switching method, and mobile terminal
25 8,861,382 Overlay network node
26 8,861,322 Optical pickup and optical read/write apparatus
27 8,861,257 Nonvolatile memory element, manufacturing method thereof, nonvolatile memory device, and design support method for nonvolatile memory element
28 8,861,177 Metallized film capacitor and case mold type capacitor including same
29 8,861,104 Lens barrel and imaging device
30 8,860,907 Backlight unit, liquid crystal display apparatus using the same, and light-emitting diode used therefor
31 8,860,875 Imaging device for recognition and method of controlling the same
32 8,860,855 Solid-state image sensor with dispersing element that disperses light according to color component, image capture device and signal processing method
33 8,860,814 Solid-state imaging element and imaging device
34 8,860,705 Image display device and modification method performed by the same
35 8,860,676 Display control device, method, program, and integrated circuit
36 8,860,559 Power supply device
37 8,860,558 Remote control device and communication system
38 8,860,524 Polar modulator
39 8,860,319 Lighting device and illumination apparatus
40 8,860,227 Semiconductor substrate having dot marks and method of manufacturing the same
41 8,860,037 Thin-film transistor device
42 8,859,936 Method of controlling welding
43 8,859,294 Method for binding a protein consisting of protein A or consisting of at least one domain of the A to E domains of the protein A to the substrate
44 8,859,292 Method for measuring temperature of biological sample, method for measuring concentration of biological sample, sensor chip and biosensor system
45 8,859,155 Fuel cell operating method and fuel cell system
46 8,858,881 Driving apparatus for analyzing apparatus
47 8,858,287 Organic EL display provided with gel-state encapsulant incorporating a desiccant and a high molecular-weight medium
48 8,858,039 Illuminating apparatus
49 8,858,027 Light bulb shaped lamp and lighting apparatus
50 8,857,500 Heat exchange device and heat generating element containing device using same
51 8,857,330 Screen printer and screen printing method
52 8,857,258 Inertial force sensor
53 8,857,199 Refrigerating apparatus