Panasonic patents granted on 15 April 2014

70 US patents granted on 15 April 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D702,870 Light-emitting diode lamp
2 D702,827 Ventilation fan
3 8,701,132 Movement mechanism and optical disc apparatus
4 8,701,089 Program execution device and method for controlling the same
5 8,700,971 Parallel residue arithmetic operation unit and parallel residue arithmetic operating method
6 8,700,941 Selecting a modulation technique to conserve power when power supplied to an entire power line communication system falls below a threshold power
7 8,700,740 CE device and content browsing system, and content browsing method thereof
8 8,700,700 Screen shot display control apparatus, screen shot display control method, integrated circuit for screen shot display control, and server apparatus
9 8,700,553 Operation support apparatus and operation support method
10 8,700,511 Control device, charge storage system, control method, and computer program
11 8,700,215 Control apparatus and control method of elastic body actuator as well as control program thereof
12 8,700,046 Mobile communication system, network management apparatus, macrocell base station apparatus, and interference control method
13 8,699,863 Video recording apparatus, multiplexing method, picture encoding method, program, and recording medium for variable frame-rate recording
14 8,699,853 Recording medium, recording device, encoding device, integrated circuit, and reproduction output device
15 8,699,778 Image coding method, image coding apparatus, program, and integrated circuit
16 8,699,753 Object detecting device, image dividing device, integrated circuit, method of detecting object, object detecting program, and recording medium
17 8,699,745 Speaker, and mobile electronic device
18 8,699,744 Speaker, hearing aid, inner-ear headphone, portable information processing device, and AV device
19 8,699,738 Speaker system with resonance frequency approximately identical to the peak frequency of the sound pressure
20 8,699,656 Shift register
21 8,699,632 OFDM reception device, OFDM reception circuit, OFDM reception method, and OFDM reception program
22 8,699,593 Communication medium determining apparatus and method of determining communication medium
23 8,699,579 Picture coding and decoding apparatuses and methods performing variable length coding and decoding on a slice header stream and arithmetic coding and decoding on a slice data stream
24 8,699,519 Transmission rate control device and transmission rate control method
25 8,699,420 Radio communication terminal and radio communication method
26 8,699,364 Radio base station device, radio relay station device, and radio terminal device
27 8,699,261 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory device and driving method thereof
28 8,699,228 Power module
29 8,699,148 Lens barrel
30 8,699,123 Wavelength conversion laser light source and image display apparatus
31 8,699,119 Electronic paper and method for producing same
32 8,699,032 Surface plasmon resonance sensor, localized plasmon resonance sensor, and method for manufacturing same
33 8,699,008 Distance measuring device
34 8,698,943 Imaging apparatus and distance measurement method
35 8,698,913 Color correction device, color correction method, dynamic camera color correction device, and video search device using the same
36 8,698,907 Image capture apparatus
37 8,698,858 Transmissive display apparatus, mobile object and control apparatus
38 8,698,827 Display control apparatus, display control method, non-transitory computer readable recording medium and integrated circuit
39 8,698,774 Method for determining multiple touch points by pairing detected electrodes during a second touch sensing period
40 8,698,710 Display device and method of driving the same
41 8,698,670 High speed high resolution wide range low power analog correlator and radar sensor
42 8,698,578 Acoustic wave resonator and duplexer using same
43 8,698,573 Impedance stabilization device
44 8,698,569 MEMS resonator
45 8,698,564 Radio frequency amplifier circuit
46 8,698,409 Lighting device and lighting fixture using the same
47 8,698,350 Wireless power transmission unit and power generator with the wireless power transmission unit
48 8,698,309 Semiconductor device
49 8,698,273 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having improved interconnect accuracy near cell boundaries
50 8,698,257 Resonator and production method thereof
51 8,698,064 Solid-state imaging device
52 8,698,028 Push-on switch
53 8,698,005 Package structure, method for manufacturing same, and method for repairing package structure
54 8,698,003 Method of producing circuit board, and circuit board obtained using the manufacturing method
55 8,697,582 Substrate conveying roller, thin film manufacturing device, and thin film manufacturing method
56 8,697,312 Cell stack of fuel cell and method of fastening cell stack of fuel cell
57 8,697,271 Molten salt and thermal battery
58 8,697,237 Thermosetting resin composition, method of manufacturing the same and circuit board
59 8,696,973 Nanofiber manufacturing apparatus and method of manufacturing nanofibers
60 8,696,953 Support structure, nanofiber manufacturing apparatus using the support structure, and nanofiber manufacturing method using the support structure
61 8,696,883 Method for reducing carbon dioxide
62 8,696,634 Syringe drive device
63 8,696,604 Muscle force assisting device and its operating method
64 8,696,419 Ventilation fan unit with a heater
65 8,696,374 Power feeding control device
66 8,695,498 Screen printer
67 8,695,497 Screen printing apparatus and method for printing of substrate in two stages including two printing masks and two closed squeegees
68 8,695,406 Safety device and preparatory movement determination method
69 8,695,231 Method for controlling drying of clothes and dryer for clothes
70 8,695,162 Electric blower and vacuum cleaner comprising same