Panasonic patents granted on 15 March 2016

65 US patents granted on 15 March 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D751,621 Surveillance camera
2 D751,617 Video camera
3 D751,607 Digital video disc player
4 9,288,846 Induction cooker and method of operation
5 9,288,839 Base station apparatus and method of deciding master base station apparatus
6 9,288,830 Electronic device capable of communicating with another device
7 9,288,792 Network node, terminal, bandwidth modification determination method and bandwidth modification method
8 9,288,788 Terminal receiving resource block allocation and method therefor
9 9,288,787 Access point terminal, wireless communication terminal, wireless communication system, wireless communication method, program and integrated circuit
10 9,288,770 Power headroom reporting for in-device coexistence interference avoidance
11 9,288,663 Terminal device, and communication method and communication module for the same
12 9,288,658 Home agent discovery upon changing the mobility management scheme
13 9,288,580 Speaker device, audio visual equipment, mobile information processing apparatus, vehicle, and earphone
14 9,288,490 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, program, and integrated circuit
15 9,288,474 Image device and image processing method for generating control information indicating the degree of stereoscopic property or whether or not 3D image needs to be outputted
16 9,288,463 Interesting section identification device, interesting section identification method, and interesting section identification program
17 9,288,452 Apparatus for controlling image capturing device and shutter
18 9,288,430 Recording medium, playback device, recording device, playback method and recording method for recording progressive pictures at high frame rate
19 9,288,426 Video display control device
20 9,288,418 Video signal transmitter apparatus and receiver apparatus using uncompressed transmission system of video signal
21 9,288,382 Imaging apparatus and solid-state imaging device
22 9,288,300 Communication apparatus and communication method
23 9,288,092 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
24 9,288,073 Communication system and transmission unit employed in same
25 9,288,063 Unauthorized connection detecting device, unauthorized connection detecting system, and unauthorized connection detecting method
26 9,287,977 Visible light communication method, identification signal, and receiver
27 9,287,946 Precoding method, and transmitting device
28 9,287,910 Electromagnetic resonance coupler and transmission apparatus
29 9,287,887 DEM circuit, delta-sigma modulator, D/A converter, and wireless communication device
30 9,287,849 Elastic wave device
31 9,287,837 Sensor device
32 9,287,828 Mixing circuit
33 9,287,799 Power converter and illumination device using the power converter
34 9,287,790 Electric power converter
35 9,287,721 Charger, adapter and charging system
36 9,287,574 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell and fuel cell system including the same
37 9,287,562 Negative electrode active material comprising spinel lithium titanate, electrical storage device, and method for producing negative electrode active material
38 9,287,488 Piezoelectric actuator device and method for manufacturing same
39 9,287,423 Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing the solid-state imaging device
40 9,287,378 Nitride semiconductor light-emitting element and method for fabricating the same
41 9,287,296 Display device
42 9,287,249 Semiconductor device
43 9,287,059 Electric storage device and method of manufacture thereof
44 9,287,055 Solid electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing same
45 9,287,053 Method of manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
46 9,287,051 Electrolytic capacitor and method for manufacturing same
47 9,286,819 Display device, display method, integrated circuit, and program
48 9,286,775 Monitoring camera and monitoring camera control method
49 9,286,317 Information processing equipment
50 9,286,167 Communication device and management method for identification information item using communication device
51 9,285,931 Display device
52 9,285,892 Non-contact position sensing device and non-contact position sensing method
53 9,285,880 Touch panel device and method of controlling a touch panel device
54 9,285,655 Image pickup apparatus performing focus operation when proximity sensor senses an object
55 9,285,636 Liquid crystal display device
56 9,285,588 See-through display device and vehicle having see-through display device mounted thereon
57 9,285,573 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
58 9,285,509 Optical element, imaging apparatus including the element, and method of manufacturing the optical element
59 9,285,335 Method for measuring blood components and biosensor and measuring instrument for use therein
60 9,285,228 Location based point of interest navigation system
61 9,285,204 Paste transfer unit, electronic component mounting device, and transferred film thickness measuring method
62 9,285,104 Light bulb shaped lamp and lighting apparatus
63 9,284,955 Compressor
64 9,284,608 Sensor
65 9,282,881 3D image shooting apparatus and endoscope