Panasonic patents granted on 15 May 2012

73 US patents granted on 15 May 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D659,753 Light irradiation device for print machine
2 D659,569 Portable navigator
3 8,181,192 Disk apparatus and disk drive unit including a lock mechanism that is released only when the display unit is in a closed state
4 8,181,040 Program execution device
5 8,180,990 Integrated circuit including a plurality of master circuits transmitting access requests to an external device and integrated circuit system including first and second interated circuits each including a plurality of master circuits transmitting access requests
6 8,180,957 Memory control unit and memory control method
7 8,180,738 Memory controller, nonvolatile storage device, and nonvolatile storage device system
8 8,180,414 Portable radio device
9 8,180,322 Radio communication device, band setting system
10 8,180,207 Heat exchanger
11 8,180,182 Processing device for processing plurality of polygon meshes, the device including plurality of processors for performing coordinate transformation and gradient calculations and an allocation unit to allocate each polygon to a respective processor
12 8,180,176 Image processing device, image processing method, image processing program, recording medium with image processing program recorded therein, and image processing processor
13 8,180,158 Image processing device and image processing method for detecting a specific shape from an image
14 8,180,111 Compound eye type imaging apparatus with distance measuring capability
15 8,180,096 Loudspeaker
16 8,180,060 Telemedical system
17 8,180,059 Management apparatus, terminal apparatus, and copyright protection system
18 8,180,052 Data communication apparatus
19 8,179,986 Multicarrier modulation scheme as well as transmission apparatus and reception apparatus using the scheme
20 8,179,972 Image encoding device, image decoding device, and integrated circuit used therein
21 8,179,968 Motion vector coding and decoding methods
22 8,179,966 Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
23 8,179,965 Moving picture coding method
24 8,179,963 Coding mode determining apparatus, image coding apparatus, coding mode determining method and coding mode determining program
25 8,179,962 Motion image encoding method and motion image decoding method
26 8,179,958 Device switching system, and sender and distribution destination device
27 8,179,947 Radio communication apparatus and reference signal generating method
28 8,179,782 Signal judgment apparatus and signal judgment method
29 8,179,776 OFDM transmission/reception apparatus
30 8,179,769 Optical head device, optical information device, computer, disc player, car navigation system, optical disc recorder, and vehicle
31 8,179,768 Optical system for compensating for spherical aberration and/or coma aberration in an optical pickup device and optical pickup device having the same
32 8,179,760 Reproduction signal evaluation method, information recording medium, reproduction apparatus and recording apparatus
33 8,179,714 Nonvolatile storage device and method for writing into memory cell of the same
34 8,179,713 Nonvolatile memory element, nonvolatile memory device, and nonvolatile semiconductor device
35 8,179,686 Mounted structural body and method of manufacturing the same
36 8,179,659 Placement configuration of MIM type capacitance element
37 8,179,650 Power supply apparatus
38 8,179,611 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
39 8,179,605 Optical element
40 8,179,497 Liquid crystal display device
41 8,179,462 Imaging unit
42 8,179,404 Remote control system and appliance for use in the remote control system
43 8,179,403 Image synthesis device, image synthesis method, image synthesis program, integrated circuit
44 8,179,395 Image special effect apparatus and image special effect method
45 8,179,353 Driving method for display device
46 8,179,341 Plasma display device with power consumption features
47 8,179,185 Sampling mixer, filter device, and radio device
48 8,179,057 Electronic ballast for discharge lamp
49 8,179,043 Plasma display panel free from yellowing
50 8,179,033 Display apparatus
51 8,179,020 Vibratory actuator and drive device using the same
52 8,178,955 Semiconductor device
53 8,178,929 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
54 8,178,905 Layout structure of semiconductor device
55 8,178,896 Light emitting element
56 8,178,889 Semiconductor light emitting element having a single defect concentrated region and a light emitting which is not formed on the single defect concentrated region
57 8,178,870 Organic electroluminescence element
58 8,178,234 Cell-to-cell connection structure
59 8,178,229 Exhaust system and battery pack
60 8,178,188 Base layer for manufacturing an electronic component by an etching process
61 8,178,164 Method of forming organic molecular film structure and organic molecular film structure
62 8,178,154 Method for disposing a component
63 8,177,570 Cable connector
64 8,177,533 Scroll expander and refrigeration cycle apparatus
65 8,177,532 Expander and expander-compressor unit
66 8,177,525 Expander-integrated compressor
67 8,177,407 Plane-like lighting units and display equipment provided therewith
68 8,177,021 Diaphragm for speaker, frame for speaker, dust cap for speaker, speaker and apparatus using them, and method for manufacturing component for speaker
69 8,176,936 Fluid cutoff device and gas meter with the fluid cutoff device
70 8,176,782 Capacitive sensor
71 8,176,781 Multilayer piezoelectric thin film and method of manufacturing the same, angular velocity sensor, piezoelectric generating element, and method of generating electric power using the piezoelectric
72 8,176,637 Hair clipper
73 8,176,619 Method of manufacturing molded commutator