Panasonic patents granted on 16 August 2011

74 US patents granted on 16 August 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE42,622 Digital broadcast recording apparatus
2 D643,553 Portion of a light-emitting diode lamp
3 D643,552 Portion of a light-emitting diode lamp
4 D643,551 Portion of a light-emitting diode lamp
5 D643,550 Light emitting diode lamp
6 D643,432 Memory card
7 D643,431 Memory card
8 D643,388 Television apparatus
9 8,001,559 Optical information recording medium and method for manufacturing optical information recording medium
10 8,001,557 Slot-in type disk apparatus
11 8,001,549 Multithreaded computer system and multithread execution control method
12 8,001,251 AV server
13 8,001,208 Information processing apparatus
14 8,000,915 Method for estimating state of charge of a rechargeable battery
15 8,000,755 Information-communication terminal device and automatic backup system including the same
16 8,000,673 Diversity receiving device and receiving scheme switching method
17 8,000,663 Mode shift calibration in power amplifiers
18 8,000,659 Polar modulation transmission apparatus
19 8,000,651 Wireless transmission apparatus and wireless transmission method
20 8,000,612 Optical transmission device
21 8,000,596 Camera body and imaging apparatus
22 8,000,585 Information recording medium wherein stream convertible at high-speed is recorded, and recording apparatus and recording method therefor
23 8,000,580 Recording medium, playback apparatus and method, recording method, and computer-readable program
24 8,000,525 Image processing device, image processing system, image processing method, image processing program, and integrated circuit device
25 8,000,410 Bit reliability equalization by modulation switching for HARQ
26 8,000,405 Transmission method, transmission apparatus and communication system
27 8,000,391 Motion vector estimating method and motion picture processor
28 8,000,379 Radio communication apparatus
29 8,000,365 Semiconductor laser device
30 8,000,316 IP telephone apparatus, ENUM server, terminal apparatus and IP telephone system
31 8,000,315 Communication method and wireless communication device having a frame which is exchanged between nodes
32 8,000,295 Random access method and radio communication terminal device
33 8,000,290 Wireless LAN device having terminal function, wireless LAN device having base station function, and wireless network having the wireless LAN device
34 8,000,280 Network communication apparatus, network communication method, and address management apparatus
35 8,000,226 OFDM signal collision position detection apparatus and OFDM reception apparatus
36 8,000,213 Optical disc recording/reproducing apparatus
37 8,000,209 Optical pickup, optical element, optical information device, computer, optical information medium player, car navigation system, optical information medium recorder and optical disk server for use with a light source which emits a divergent beam
38 8,000,202 Apparatus for recording/reproducing information on/from an optical disc having focus control capabilities
39 8,000,197 Recording/reproducing device, recording condition adjusting device and recording/reproducing method
40 8,000,184 Optical pickup device and optical disc device with offset compensation
41 8,000,177 Reading device and reading method for an optical data recording medium
42 8,000,044 Lens holder driving device and image pickup unit employing planary-driven polymer actuator
43 8,000,029 Lens position detecting device and lens position detecting method
44 8,000,025 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
45 7,999,998 Short wavelength light source and laser image forming apparatus
46 7,999,969 Imaging device, printing system, printing device, image printing method, and storage medium having stored thereon program controlling the image printing method
47 7,999,875 Solid-state imaging device
48 7,999,873 Imaging device with plural lenses and imaging regions
49 7,999,806 Three-dimensional shape drawing device and three-dimensional shape drawing method
50 7,999,766 Plasma display panel driving method, plasma display panel driver circuit, and plasma display device
51 7,999,603 Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus which is capable of controlling a substrate voltage under the low source voltage driving of a miniaturized MOSFET
52 7,999,553 Voltage measurement device and electric vehicle
53 7,999,481 Lighting method for a high-pressure discharge lamp, lighting circuit for a high-pressure discharge lamp, high-pressure discharge lamp apparatus, and projector-type image display apparatus
54 7,999,476 Plasma display sealing structure
55 7,999,437 Acoustic boundary wave device and electronic apparatus using the same
56 7,999,376 Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
57 7,999,331 Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
58 7,999,256 Semiconductor device
59 7,998,752 Biosensor and blood component analytical method
60 7,998,663 Pattern formation method
61 7,998,658 Pattern forming method
62 7,998,641 Photomask and pattern formation method using the same
63 7,998,636 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack
64 7,998,620 Positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for producing the same, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using positive electrode active material
65 7,998,615 Nonaqueous electrolyte for electrochemical devices
66 7,998,612 Secondary battery
67 7,998,611 Battery module and production method thereof
68 7,998,329 Porous nickel foil for negative electrode of alkaline battery, production method therefor and production device therefor
69 7,998,325 Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
70 7,998,087 Blood test apparatus and blood test method
71 7,997,737 Projection display device, and speckle reduction element
72 7,997,352 Electric power tool
73 7,997,135 Angular velocity sensor
74 7,996,995 Electric shaver