Panasonic patents granted on 16 February 2016

49 US patents granted on 16 February 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 9,265,144 Electrical component resin, semiconductor device, and substrate
2 9,265,120 Lighting device and luminaire using same
3 9,265,106 Lighting device and illumination apparatus using the same
4 9,265,094 Induction cooking device
5 9,265,059 Wireless communication system
6 9,265,046 Radio transmission device and radio communication method
7 9,265,042 Radio reception apparatus, radio transmission apparatus, and radio communication method
8 9,265,041 Integrated circuit for setting subbands in multicarrier communication for radio communication base station apparatus
9 9,264,913 Wireless communication device, transmitter, receiver, and beam-forming control method
10 9,264,797 Directional microphone device, acoustic signal processing method, and program
11 9,264,765 Method for providing a video, transmitting device, and receiving device
12 9,264,757 Service executing apparatus
13 9,264,756 Production apparatus and content distribution system
14 9,264,733 Motion vector derivation method, moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
15 9,264,730 Motion vector calculation method
16 9,264,727 Image decoding method including determining a context for a current block according to a signal type under which a control parameter for the current block is classified
17 9,264,726 Image coding method of coding a current picture with prediction using one or both of a first reference picture list and a second reference picture list
18 9,264,712 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
19 9,264,619 Camera drive device
20 9,264,590 Holding structure for display panel and imaging device
21 9,264,527 Hands-free telephone conversation apparatus
22 9,264,371 Router, method for controlling the router, and computer program
23 9,264,207 Control channel signaling using code points for indicating the scheduling mode
24 9,264,193 Search space for EPDCCH control information in an OFDM-based mobile communication system
25 9,264,094 Voice coding device, voice decoding device, voice coding method and voice decoding method
26 9,264,064 Analog-to-digital conversion apparatus and analog-to-digital conversion method
27 9,263,897 Power supply control system
28 9,263,896 Current control device, current control method, and current control system
29 9,263,893 Electricity storage device, electricity storage control method, management device, management method, and electricity storage system
30 9,263,482 Solid-state image pickup device
31 9,263,178 Coil structure and electric power conversion device
32 9,263,083 Recording and reproducing apparatus
33 9,263,001 Display control device
34 9,262,954 Visible light communication signal display method and apparatus
35 9,262,913 Communication device
36 9,262,674 Orientation state estimation device and orientation state estimation method
37 9,262,355 Controller configured to control timing of access request according to density of burst access and access load
38 9,262,352 Access device, communication device, communication system, and data access method
39 9,262,027 Coordinate input device and display device including the same
40 9,261,936 Network terminal, method for controlling the same, and network system
41 9,261,747 Liquid crystal display device comprising a transparent pixel electrode connected with a thin film transistor through a contact hole and a transparent counter electrode having multiple slits
42 9,261,735 Liquid crystal display device
43 9,261,669 Vibrating element having meandering shape, and optical reflection element
44 9,261,530 Acceleration sensor
45 9,261,450 Microorganism number-measuring apparatus
46 9,261,410 Terahertz electromagnetic wave generator, terahertz spectrometer and method of generating terahertz electromagnetic wave
47 9,261,284 Operation planning method, and heat pump hot water supply and heating system operation method
48 9,261,246 Light-emitting module, light source device, liquid crystal display device, and method of manufacturing light-emitting module
49 9,260,021 Signal generation circuit