Panasonic patents granted on 16 March 2010

47 US patents granted on 16 March 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 7,681,244 Packet transmitter apparatus
2 7,680,975 Semiconductor memory card enabling continuation of processing when processing execution is interrupted due to interruption of voltage supply
3 7,680,946 Stream data processing device, stream data processing method, program, and medium
4 7,680,878 Apparatus, method and computer software products for controlling a home terminal
5 7,680,808 Transmission apparatus, content reproduction apparatus, and content and license distribution system
6 7,680,612 Vehicle power supply device
7 7,680,551 Method of adjusting origin of industrial robot
8 7,680,454 Wireless network located within a vehicle containing access points and terminals for wireless communication
9 7,680,452 Repeater
10 7,680,398 Recording device, information recording medium and recording method
11 7,680,394 Recording medium, recording method, reproduction apparatus and method, and computer-readable program
12 7,680,296 Information embedding device and program for changing a number of points that exist on sides of a polygon
13 7,680,286 Sound field measurement device
14 7,680,182 Image encoding device, and image decoding device
15 7,680,171 Semiconductor laser device, and image display device
16 7,680,138 Inter-module communication apparatus
17 7,680,120 Connected communication terminal, connecting communication terminal, session management server and trigger server
18 7,680,044 Systems and methods for managing traffic within a peer-to-peer network
19 7,680,003 Optical disk device with disk type recognition
20 7,679,799 Illuminating light source including a light intensity modulator that oscillates a light from a coherent light source in a non-integral multiple of one cycle and two- dimensional image display using the same
21 7,679,789 Facsimile apparatus and multifunctional printer
22 7,679,739 Device and method for measuring microporous film on battery electrode plate, coater equipped with film measuring device, and coating method using film measuring method
23 7,679,685 System and method for processing video signals
24 7,679,684 White balance adjusting device and video display device
25 7,679,609 Touch panel
26 7,679,608 Touch panel
27 7,679,474 Surface acoustic wave resonator, and surface acoustic wave filter
28 7,679,438 High frequency circuit, semiconductor device, and high frequency power amplification device
29 7,679,400 System and method for local generation of programming data in a programmable device
30 7,679,361 Position sensor having tubular detection coil
31 7,679,337 Power supply system
32 7,679,334 Power supply unit and electric apparatus
33 7,679,290 Metal halide lamp with light-transmitting ceramic arc tube
34 7,679,268 Polymer actuator having active member layer that expands or contracts upon application of electric field
35 7,679,265 Drive unit
36 7,679,016 Panel switch
37 7,678,670 TEG removing method in manufacturing method for semiconductor chips
38 7,678,566 Device for chromatographic quantitative measurement
39 7,678,490 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
40 7,678,249 Instrument and system for pharmacologic measurement and well vessel used therein
41 7,678,236 System and method of data transmission/reception
42 7,677,816 Camera terminal and imaged area adjusting device
43 7,677,736 Illumination light source and two-dimensional image display using same
44 7,677,705 Ink jet head for providing stable ink discharge, method of manufacturing the ink jet head, and ink jet recording device
45 7,677,076 Angular velocity sensor unit and angular velocity sensor diagnosing device
46 7,676,916 Electronic component mounting system and electronic component mounting method
47 7,676,884 Vacuum cleaner equipped with bag compartment including a bag cage