Panasonic patents granted on 17 April 2012

72 US patents granted on 17 April 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE43,312 Refrigeration cycle apparatus
2 D657,772 Telephone base unit
3 D657,771 Telephone base unit
4 D657,758 Light source of light emitting diode
5 D657,757 Light source of light emitting diode
6 D657,755 Remote controller for hearing aid
7 D657,607 Microwave oven
8 D657,596 Convertible bed
9 8,161,509 Television receiver and method for providing information to the same
10 8,161,300 Instructing device configured to selects a cooperating device based on a predetermined power supply reliability
11 8,161,225 Semiconductor memory card, access device and method
12 8,161,175 System and method for data transmission
13 8,161,043 Interactive program search apparatus
14 8,160,890 Audio signal coding method and decoding method
15 8,160,874 Speech frame loss compensation using non-cyclic-pulse-suppressed version of previous frame excitation as synthesis filter source
16 8,160,868 Scalable decoder and scalable decoding method
17 8,160,562 Mobile terminal device and program selection method
18 8,160,496 Wireless communication unit, mobile terminal, and wireless authentication control method
19 8,160,440 Three-dimensional image pickup apparatus and three-dimensional image pickup method
20 8,160,438 Imaging device
21 8,160,432 Information recording medium, and apparatus and method for recording information to information recording medium
22 8,160,420 Optical disk for high resolution and general video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus, optical disk recording apparatus, and reproduction control information generation apparatus
23 8,160,292 Loudspeaker and electronic apparatus using the same
24 8,160,286 Speaker system
25 8,160,266 Active vibratory noise control apparatus matching characteristics of audio devices
26 8,160,175 Quasi-pilot symbol substitution
27 8,160,173 Communication system
28 8,160,170 Signal space expansion for a 16 QAM scheme
29 8,160,167 Radio transmitting apparatus, radio receiving apparatus and method therefor
30 8,160,147 Motion vector coding and decoding methods
31 8,160,143 Decoding device, encoding device, interpolation frame creating system, integrated circuit device, decoding program, and encoding program
32 8,160,107 Data transmission method, data transmission apparatus, data reception apparatus, and packet data structure
33 8,160,100 Mobile station apparatus and method for receiving data
34 8,160,090 Communication apparatus for performing contention control
35 8,160,087 Receiver apparatus and communication method
36 8,160,051 Gateway relaying communication between a radio intelligent terminal and a server
37 8,159,918 Reproduction signal evaluation method, reproduction signal evaluation unit, and optical disk device adopting the same
38 8,159,848 Power conversion circuit
39 8,159,846 Switching control circuit, semiconductor device and switching power source apparatus
40 8,159,829 Relay substrate, method for manufacturing the relay substrate and three-dimensional circuit device using the relay substrate
41 8,159,598 Distance estimation apparatus, distance estimation method, storage medium storing program, integrated circuit, and camera
42 8,159,542 Interchangeable lens, camera system, and its control method
43 8,159,487 Plasma display device
44 8,159,486 Level converter circuit and a liquid crystal display device employing the same
45 8,159,427 Image display
46 8,159,326 Locking device
47 8,159,323 Transformer and power supply apparatus using the same
48 8,159,234 Proximity sensor
49 8,159,186 Power source system, power supply control method for the power source system, power supply control program for the power source system, and computer-readable recording medium with the power supply control program recorded thereon
50 8,159,140 Load driving apparatus
51 8,159,137 Magnetron
52 8,159,116 Piezoelectric device, electronic device using the same, and automobile
53 8,159,113 Ultrasonic actuator with power supply electrode arrangement
54 8,159,106 Motor and electronic apparatus using the same
55 8,159,102 Motor and electronic apparatus using the same
56 8,159,097 Motor and electronic apparatus using the same
57 8,159,087 Power generation system and operation method thereof
58 8,159,061 Stacked semiconductor module
59 8,159,013 Semiconductor integrated circuit device having a dummy metal wiring line
60 8,158,969 Organic light emitting display device
61 8,158,547 Absorbent
62 8,158,494 Method for processing a substrate, method for manufacturing a semiconductor chip, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor chip having a resin adhesive layer
63 8,158,295 Fuel cell system
64 8,158,294 Fuel cell system and method of operating fuel cell system
65 8,158,283 Lithium/nickel composite oxide positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte-based secondary battery and battery using the same
66 8,158,233 Optical information recording medium, method of manufacturing the same, and sputtering target
67 8,158,079 Panel for analysis and analyzer using the same
68 8,157,545 Hermetic compressor and method of manufacturing the same
69 8,157,508 Blower apparatus
70 8,157,305 Robot hand and robot arm
71 8,156,652 Shaver
72 8,156,642 Component mounting method