Panasonic patents granted on 17 February 2009

42 US patents granted on 17 February 2009 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE40,639 Optical disc and optical disc address reading apparatus and method
2 D586,929 Filament for lamp
3 D586,824 Hard disc recorder
4 D586,821 User interface for video screen
5 D586,764 Light source of light-emitting diode
6 D586,747 Stator core
7 D586,746 Separator for fuel cell
8 7,493,662 Data nullification device for nullifying digital content recorded on a recording medium, after the digital content has been reproduced, a predetermined time period has passed since the recording of the digital content, or the digital content has been moved to another recording medium
9 7,493,638 Processing terminal, receiving terminal and received data processing system
10 7,493,632 Chucking apparatus
11 7,493,546 Data recording method, recording medium and reproduction apparatus
12 7,493,545 Reception system that inhibits transmission of acknowledgment or negative acknowledgment signal for a data channel when control information of a control channel exceeds a reception capability of a receiver
13 7,493,491 Server, a terminal apparatus and an image management method
14 7,493,353 Stochastic processor, driving method thereof, and recognition process device using the same
15 7,493,091 Transmission circuit and communication device
16 7,493,016 Recording device, playback device and program
17 7,492,952 Moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
18 7,492,833 Method for digital wireless communications
19 7,492,819 Video coding apparatus
20 7,492,693 Optical recording/reproducing apparatus with transmission amount variation unit
21 7,492,689 Recording method and media having marks and spaces with lengths defined by a predetermined modulation method
22 7,492,687 Optical information recording method, optical information recording and reproducing device, and optical information recording medium
23 7,492,615 Switching power supply
24 7,492,541 Apparatus and method of monitoring hard disk drive
25 7,492,533 Imaging lens, imaging unit, and optical device
26 7,492,346 Surface lighting device and portable terminal using the same
27 7,492,238 Radio-frequency switching circuit and semiconductor device
28 7,492,231 Oscillator starting control circuit
29 7,492,216 Filtering apparatus for correcting variation of CR-product
30 7,492,205 Clock generator
31 7,492,202 Flip-flop circuit
32 7,492,184 Programmable logic device and method for designing the same
33 7,492,104 High pressure discharge lamp
34 7,492,098 Coil assembly body structure for electrodeless discharge lamp
35 7,491,986 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
36 7,491,461 Mixed ionic conductor and device using the same
37 7,491,459 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
38 7,491,107 Plasma display panel producing method, and plasma display panel
39 7,490,926 Ink jet recorder and ink filling method
40 7,490,652 Heating and pressurizing apparatus for use in mounting electronic components, and apparatus and method for mounting electronic components
41 7,490,423 Electric iron
42 7,490,399 Electronic component mounting apparatus