Panasonic patents granted on 17 January 2012

60 US patents granted on 17 January 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D652,383 Plug
2 8,099,744 Disk device
3 8,099,743 Slot-in type disk apparatus
4 8,099,741 Disk device
5 8,099,537 Method, device, and system for transmitting data fragments over multiple transmission lines and techniques for stopping data transmission
6 8,099,475 Information terminal
7 8,099,427 Search article estimation apparatus and method and server for search article estimation apparatus
8 8,099,418 Information search support method and information search support device
9 8,099,291 Signal decoding apparatus
10 8,099,275 Sound encoder and sound encoding method for generating a second layer decoded signal based on a degree of variation in a first layer decoded signal
11 8,099,248 Flow rate measuring device, and gas supply system employing it, method for specifying gas appliance
12 8,098,983 Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
13 8,098,972 Reproduced signal processor and video display
14 8,098,953 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for adaptively processing an image using an enhanced image and edge data
15 8,098,898 Motion detection device, MOS (metal-oxide semiconductor) integrated circuit, and video system
16 8,098,876 Speaker
17 8,098,869 Loudspeaker damper, manufacturing method thereof, and loudspeaker and electronic device using the same
18 8,098,832 Apparatus and method for detecting sound
19 8,098,772 Method for digital wireless communications
20 8,098,759 Radio transmitting device and radio transmitting method
21 8,098,756 MIMO antenna apparatus capable of diversity reception using one radiating conductor
22 8,098,736 Variable length coding method and variable length decoding method
23 8,098,660 Transmitting apparatus and transmitting method
24 8,098,659 Communication apparatus, communication system including the same, and method for setting IP address of communication apparatus
25 8,098,642 Communication system and mobile home agent
26 8,098,641 Method for selective distribution of communications infrastructure
27 8,098,626 Packet transfer control method, communication message processing method, access router, and mobile terminal
28 8,098,625 Wireless terminal and communication system switching method
29 8,098,616 Radio communication system, radio communication method, and radio communication device
30 8,098,566 Optical disc, optical disc drive, optical disc recording/reproducing method, and integrated circuit
31 8,098,557 Signal evaluation method and signal evaluation apparatus
32 8,098,556 Optical disc device
33 8,098,555 Optical disk device with coma aberration correction
34 8,098,550 Information recording medium, information recording method, information recording apparatus, information reproducing method and information reproducing apparatus including writing information on rewritable information recording medium
35 8,098,549 Information recording medium, recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method and reproduction method
36 8,098,442 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
37 8,098,356 Liquid crystal display device
38 8,098,323 Camera system and camera body
39 8,098,318 Video reproduction apparatus, digital camera, semiconductor integrated circuit, and method for video reproduction
40 8,098,306 Phase adjustment device, phase adjustment method and digital camera
41 8,098,217 Driving device and driving method of plasma display panel and plasma display device
42 8,098,199 Array antenna apparatus including multiple steerable antennas and capable of avoiding affection among steerable antennas
43 8,098,118 Bandpass filter and process of fabricating the same
44 8,098,010 Organic electroluminescence display device and manufacturing method thereof
45 8,097,965 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
46 8,097,962 Semiconductor device
47 8,097,958 Flip chip connection structure having powder-like conductive substance and method of producing the same
48 8,097,920 Semiconductor integrated circuit comprising electro static discharge protection element
49 8,097,886 Organic electroluminescence device
50 8,097,850 Infrared sensor
51 8,097,821 Movable contact unit with light-guiding function and lighted panel switch using the same
52 8,097,815 Printed circuit board and its designing method, and designing method of IC package terminal and its connecting method
53 8,097,371 Hydrogen generator, fuel cell system comprising the same, and operation method thereof
54 8,097,370 Dynamically controllable direct oxidation fuel cell systems and methods therefor
55 8,097,357 Battery can and method for manufacturing the same
56 8,097,147 Method of measuring quantity of substrate
57 8,097,112 Method for manufacturing membrane-electrode assembly
58 8,097,013 Skin incision instrument and method for incising skin with the same
59 8,096,653 Method for manufacturing lens for electronic spectacles, lens for electronic spectacles, and electronic spectacles
60 8,096,047 Electronic component mounting apparatus