Panasonic patents granted on 17 March 2015

54 US patents granted on 17 March 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,984,658 Copyright protection data processing system and reproduction device
2 8,984,509 Virtual machine display device, virtual machine display method, recording medium, and integrated circuit
3 8,984,312 System and method to control operations of an information processing device upon detecting an open or closed state of battery lid and remaining battery charge
4 8,983,831 Encoder, decoder, and method therefor
5 8,983,830 Stereo signal encoding device including setting of threshold frequencies and stereo signal encoding method including setting of threshold frequencies
6 8,983,633 Electrical equipment control device, electrical equipment control method and electrical equipment
7 8,983,235 Pupil detection device and pupil detection method
8 8,983,221 Image processing apparatus, imaging apparatus, and image processing method
9 8,983,130 Positioning information forming device, detection device, and positioning information forming method
10 8,982,998 Transmission and reception apparatus and method
11 8,982,990 Radio communication apparatus and communication method
12 8,982,965 Filtering strength determination method, moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
13 8,982,964 Image decoding device, image coding device, methods thereof, programs thereof, integrated circuits thereof, and transcoding device
14 8,982,953 Moving picture coding method, moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture decoding method, moving picture decoding apparatus and moving picture coding and decoding apparatus
15 8,982,943 Data processing device and data processing method
16 8,982,927 Transmitting method, receiving method, transmitter and receiver
17 8,982,818 Wireless communications device and data redistribution method
18 8,982,690 Base station and related radio communication method
19 8,982,603 Cross point variable resistance nonvolatile memory device and method of reading thereby
20 8,982,571 Electronic equipment with electric wiring
21 8,982,258 Imaging device, imaging method and program
22 8,982,256 Imaging device
23 8,982,246 Imaging apparatus and camera body having optical zoom function and digital zoom function
24 8,982,233 Imaging apparatus for imaging an object subject to illuminating light on which information is overlaid and information detection method
25 8,982,223 Image sending apparatus, image recording apparatus and image recording method using identification information relating reduced image data with original image data
26 8,982,200 Intraoral camera with light collecting faces that deflect light close to an imaging window
27 8,982,033 Bidirectional shift register and image display device using the same
28 8,981,978 Resonator and oversampling A/D converter
29 8,981,963 Accident/near-miss factor area specifying device and accident/near-miss factor area specifying method
30 8,981,923 Remote control signal receiver and electronic device
31 8,981,734 Power source generation circuit and integrated circuit
32 8,981,731 Charger and electronic apparatus system
33 8,981,671 Illumination system and illumination apparatus
34 8,981,636 Lamp having improved insulation of the circuit unit
35 8,981,401 Package for optical semiconductor device, optical semiconductor device using the package, and methods for producing same
36 8,981,361 Organic electroluminescence display panel with tungsten oxide containing hole injection layer that electrically connects electrode to auxiliary wiring, and organic electroluminescence display device
37 8,981,340 Nitride semiconductor device and production method thereof
38 8,981,333 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of manufacturing the same
39 8,981,239 Capacitor module
40 8,980,680 Method for fabricating solar cell element
41 8,980,678 Method for producing organic light-emitting element, organic display panel, organic light-emitting device, method for forming functional layer, ink, substrate, organic light-emitting element, organic display device, and inkjet device
42 8,980,645 Method for immobilizing protein A on a self-assembled monolayer
43 8,980,500 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell comprising reactant gas channels overlapping a peripheral portion of an electrode
44 8,980,488 Fuel cell system
45 8,980,074 Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
46 8,979,351 Light guide plate, die, and die processing method
47 8,979,275 Dual high-pressure discharge lamp projector with multi-waveform current generation for greater luminous flux change control and extended lamp life
48 8,979,248 Ink-jet apparatus
49 8,979,057 Swinging support device
50 8,979,049 Mount bracket system
51 8,978,743 Fin tube heat exchanger
52 8,978,482 Partition plate securement for an ultrasonic flow meter
53 8,978,348 Medicine feeding device
54 D724,354 Storage rack for optical disk recorder