Panasonic patents granted on 18 January 2011

39 US patents granted on 18 January 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE42,053 Server apparatus, subscriber apparatus and information on demand system
2 7,874,009 Data processing device
3 7,873,987 Content distribution system and distribution method, and content processing device and processing method
4 7,873,932 Method for analyzing component mounting board
5 7,873,755 Semiconductor device, reproduction device, and method for controlling the same
6 7,873,637 Automatically imparting an index by using various kinds of control signals
7 7,873,512 Sound encoder and sound encoding method
8 7,873,270 Interchangeable lens type camera system and camera body
9 7,873,264 Recording medium, reproduction apparatus, program, and reproduction method
10 7,873,179 Speaker
11 7,873,124 Method for digital wireless communications
12 7,873,117 Wireless communication base station apparatus and wireless communication method in multicarrier communication
13 7,873,090 Surface emitting laser, photodetector and optical communication system using the same
14 7,873,087 Light source, light source device, laser image forming device and integrated circuit
15 7,873,086 Semiconductor device
16 7,873,037 Information processing device, information processing system, information processing method, and program
17 7,873,000 Random access method and radio communication terminal device
18 7,872,992 Network system and relay device
19 7,872,952 Optical disc drive
20 7,872,893 Semiconductor memory device
21 7,872,844 Composite electronic device
22 7,872,817 Lens barrel, image pickup device, and lens barrel manufacturing method
23 7,872,532 High-frequency power amplifier and communication device
24 7,872,458 DC-to-DC converter
25 7,872,448 Power supply system and portable equipment using the same
26 7,872,447 Electrical storage apparatus for use in auxiliary power supply supplying electric power from electric storage device upon voltage drop of main power supply
27 7,872,395 Actuator with symmetric positioning
28 7,872,327 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of producing the same
29 7,872,312 Semiconductor device comprising a high dielectric constant insulating film including nitrogen
30 7,872,283 Semiconductor integrated circuit and multi-chip module
31 7,872,280 Semiconductor light emitting device, method of manufacturing the same, and lighting apparatus and display apparatus using the same
32 7,872,219 Illumination device with plural color light sources and first and second integrators
33 7,871,932 Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
34 7,871,901 Manufacturing method for semiconductor chips
35 7,871,853 Plasma doping method and apparatus employed in the same
36 7,871,759 Barrier film material and pattern formation method using the same
37 7,870,991 Electronic component mounting system and electronic component mounting method
38 7,870,808 Flexible actuator and joint-driving unit using the same
39 7,870,787 Piezoelectric thin film and method of manufacturing the same, angular velocity sensor, method of measuring angular velocity by the angular velocity sensor, piezoelectric generating element, and method of generating electric power using the piezoelectric generating element