Panasonic patents granted on 18 March 2014

64 US patents granted on 18 March 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE44,808 Optical disc drive, optical storage medium, optical storage medium inspection apparatus, and optical storage medium inspection method
2 D701,300 Impeller of electric fan
3 D701,203 Portable computer
4 8,677,419 Program search device
5 8,677,368 Broadcast receiving terminal and program execution method
6 8,677,246 User interface control apparatus, user interface control method, program, storage medium storing program, and integrated circuit
7 8,677,244 Exclusive operation control apparatus and method
8 8,677,108 Method for finding next component to be booted based on booting status of current component to continue booting process by using a component look-up table
9 8,676,889 Connection device, connection method for the same, and program
10 8,676,420 Electric vehicle and method for controlling the same
11 8,676,379 Device and method for controlling robot arm, robot, and robot arm control program
12 8,676,246 Information communication terminal provided with security control function, communication system, and communication method performed by the terminal
13 8,676,202 Mobile terminal, network node, and packet transfer management node
14 8,676,040 Recording medium, reproduction apparatus, and recording method
15 8,676,026 Data recording apparatus
16 8,675,979 Transcoder, method of transcoding, and digital recorder
17 8,675,901 Howling suppression device, hearing aid, howling suppression method, and integrated circuit
18 8,675,882 Sound signal processing device and method
19 8,675,774 Constellation rearrangement for transmit diversity schemes
20 8,675,759 Wireless transmission system, and wireless station and method used for same
21 8,675,729 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
22 8,675,682 Wireless communication device for processing packet including at least one of video output format of video data and audio output format of audio data
23 8,675,676 Network system
24 8,675,626 Radio terminal, radio base station, channel signal forming method, and channel signal receiving method
25 8,675,593 Wireless communication base station apparatus and control channel allocation method
26 8,675,490 Communication bandwidth control device and communication bandwidth control method
27 8,675,450 Displacement estimating method and displacement estimating apparatus
28 8,675,393 Method for driving non-volatile memory element, and non-volatile memory device
29 8,675,387 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory device and programming method for same
30 8,675,369 Module board
31 8,675,286 Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
32 8,675,163 Display device
33 8,675,100 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
34 8,675,096 Image capturing device for setting one or more setting values for an imaging mechanism based on acquired sound data that includes information reflecting an imaging environment
35 8,675,090 Image generating apparatus, image generating method, and recording medium
36 8,675,083 Proximity wireless communication apparatus including fixed housing and movable housing rotated endlessly
37 8,675,079 Image capture device, image processing device and image processing program
38 8,674,973 Liquid crystal display device employing dot inversion drive method with reduced power consumption
39 8,674,923 Display apparatus
40 8,674,864 Integrator and oversampling A/D converter having the same
41 8,674,818 In-vehicle monitoring system
42 8,674,702 Apparatus for detecting a state of secondary battery
43 8,674,656 Carrying case and syringe system with same
44 8,674,582 Vibration power generator, vibration power generating device and communication device having vibration power generating device mounted thereon
45 8,674,272 Induction heating cooker
46 8,674,215 Photoelectric device
47 8,674,068 Peptide capable for binding to gold
48 8,674,067 Peptide capable for binding to iridium
49 8,674,066 Peptide capable for binding to rhodium
50 8,674,065 Peptide capable for binding to carbon
51 8,673,685 Electronic component mounting line and electronic component mounting method
52 8,673,518 Fuel cell power generation system with partition wall for main body package
53 8,673,505 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
54 8,673,499 Lithium ion secondary battery
55 8,673,498 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
56 8,673,471 Portable electronic device
57 8,673,446 Graphite complex and manufacturing method thereof
58 8,673,222 Hydrogen generator and method for operating the same
59 8,673,166 Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
60 8,673,127 Biosensor
61 8,672,807 Speed-changing device
62 8,672,081 Power assisted vehicle
63 8,671,775 Flow rate measuring device
64 8,671,774 Ultrasonic flow meter unit