Panasonic patents granted on 18 November 2014

59 US patents granted on 18 November 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D717,996 Electric shaver
2 D717,770 Speaker box
3 8,893,072 Equivalent circuit of semiconductor device, simulation method for semiconductor device, and simulation device for semiconductor device
4 8,893,039 Apparatus and method for automatic focus shift
5 8,892,984 Convolutional code encoding method
6 8,892,977 Communication apparatus, terminal apparatus and communication method
7 8,892,909 Clock and power control for intermittent operation of decoder
8 8,892,862 Secure boot method for executing a software component including updating a current integrity measurement based on whether the software component is enabled
9 8,892,497 Audio classification by comparison of feature sections and integrated features to known references
10 8,892,434 Voice emphasis device
11 8,892,428 Encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, encoding method, and decoding method for adjusting a spectrum amplitude
12 8,891,945 Recording/reproducing method and recording/reproducing device
13 8,891,821 Object tracking device, object tracking method, and object tracking program
14 8,891,697 Reception signal processing device
15 8,891,688 Receiver circuit and receiver apparatus
16 8,891,613 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, image decoding apparatus, and image coding and decoding apparatus
17 8,891,600 Network device
18 8,891,471 Wireless communication device, and wireless communication method
19 8,891,469 Radio transmitting apparatus and control signal transmitting method
20 8,891,452 Communication device and communication method
21 8,891,432 Routing method, routing system, mobile node, home agent, and home base station
22 8,891,254 Power converter and battery charger using the same
23 8,891,052 Liquid crystal display device comprising first and second optical deflectors wherein each of the first and second optical deflectors includes a plurality of liquid crystal deflection elements
24 8,891,044 Color display, liquid crystal display, and semi-transmissive liquid crystal display
25 8,891,025 Information processing device
26 8,891,013 Repeater being utilized between a source and sink device for Lip-syncing in an HDMI system
27 8,891,003 Imaging apparatus including hot shoe
28 8,890,996 Imaging device, semiconductor integrated circuit and imaging method
29 8,890,995 Image pickup apparatus, semiconductor integrated circuit and image pickup method
30 8,890,980 Imaging apparatus and zoom lens with adjustable stop positions
31 8,890,971 Image processing apparatus, image capturing apparatus, and computer program
32 8,890,960 Digital camera
33 8,890,934 Stereoscopic image aligning apparatus, stereoscopic image aligning method, and program of the same
34 8,890,857 Active matrix display device
35 8,890,838 Display device with touch panel
36 8,890,835 Input apparatus and display system
37 8,890,778 Display device and method for controlling the same
38 8,890,741 A/D converter
39 8,890,483 Protection circuit, battery pack and charging system
40 8,890,429 Solid-state light-emitting element drive device, lighting system and lighting fixture
41 8,890,382 Motor and vehicle-mounted air conditioner using same
42 8,890,371 Alternating current/direct current two-way switch
43 8,890,335 Semiconductor device
44 8,890,210 Field effect transistor
45 8,890,186 Molded resin product, semiconductor light-emitting source, lighting device, and method for manufacturing molded resin product
46 8,890,185 Nitride-based semiconductor light-emitting element
47 8,890,175 Nitride-based semiconductor element and method for fabricating the same
48 8,890,174 Light-emitting element including a charge injection transport layer that includes a dissolvable metal compound, and display device and method for manufacturing thereof
49 8,890,173 Light-emitting element including a charge injection transport layer having a recess portion for accumulating ink, and display device and method for manufacturing thereof
50 8,890,136 Planar light emitting device
51 8,890,129 Light emitting device, light emitting apparatus provided with a light emitting device, and method of manufacturing a light emitting device
52 8,889,503 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
53 8,889,478 Method for manufacturing nonvolatile semiconductor memory element, and nonvolatile semiconductor memory element
54 8,889,474 Organic light-emitting element and process for production thereof, and organic display panel and organic display device
55 8,888,975 Biosensor, biosensor chip and biosensor device
56 8,888,974 Biosensor, biosensor chip and biosensor device
57 8,888,870 Lithium secondary battery
58 8,887,383 Electrode structure and method for forming bump
59 8,887,352 Canister vacuum cleaner incorporating a control handle and nozzle assembly with upright swivel lock