Panasonic patents granted on 18 October 2011

57 US patents granted on 18 October 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,042,125 Disc changer device
2 8,042,116 Task switching based on the execution control information held in register groups
3 8,042,080 Electro-migration verifying apparatus, electro-migration verifying method, data structure and netlist used in the same
4 8,041,965 Power control device for processor
5 8,041,942 Robust peer-to-peer networks and methods of use thereof
6 8,041,494 Dangerous drive predicting apparatus
7 8,041,405 Stack type mobile terminal
8 8,041,295 Mobile communication device
9 8,041,183 Device for recording and playing stream data
10 8,041,069 Loudspeaker
11 8,041,068 Loudspeaker
12 8,041,064 Card type MEMS microphone
13 8,041,063 Hearing aid and hearing aid system
14 8,041,040 Sound image control apparatus and sound image control method
15 8,040,954 Picture coding and decoding apparatuses and methods performing variable length coding and decoding on a slice header stream and arithmetic coding and decoding on a slice data stream
16 8,040,912 Multicarrier communication system, multicarrier communication apparatus and CQI reporting method
17 8,040,837 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
18 8,040,832 Channel arrangement method and radio communication device
19 8,040,785 Optical disc, optical disc manufacturing method, optical disc recording device and optical disc reproduction device
20 8,040,774 Optical disk device and tilt correction method for optical disk device
21 8,040,765 Initialization method for information recording medium, initialization apparatus for information recording medium, and information recording medium
22 8,040,671 Information processing apparatus
23 8,040,458 Planar illumination device and liquid crystal display device using the same
24 8,040,433 Video output apparatus, control method thereof, and video device
25 8,040,418 Solid state imaging device with readout control and output control
26 8,040,414 A/D converter-incorporated solid-state imaging device
27 8,040,412 Imaging apparatus and image data correcting method
28 8,040,391 White balance adjustment device, image capture device, white balance adjustment method, storage medium, and integrated circuit
29 8,040,381 Image blur correction for a camera system and display of comparison of camera and lens blur correction specifications
30 8,040,235 Relay apparatus and electric appliance
31 8,040,200 Parallel differential transmission lines having an opposing grounding conductor separated into two parts by a slot therein
32 8,040,186 Radio frequency amplifier circuit and mobile communication terminal using the same
33 8,040,178 Oscillator, and receiving device and electronic device using the oscillator
34 8,040,170 Semiconductor integrated circuit
35 8,040,168 Charge pump circuit
36 8,040,147 Probe card cassette and probe card
37 8,040,121 Switching regulator
38 8,040,074 Discharge-lamp lighting device and luminaire
39 8,040,063 Blue phosphor, light-emitting device, and plasma display panel
40 8,039,968 Semiconductor integrated circuit device
41 8,039,941 Circuit board, lead frame, semiconductor device, and method for fabricating the same
42 8,039,932 Lead frame, semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the lead frame, and method of manufacturing the semiconductor device
43 8,039,781 Physical quantity detecting apparatus and method for driving the same
44 8,039,329 Field effect transistor having reduced contact resistance and method for fabricating the same
45 8,039,307 Mounted body and method for manufacturing the same
46 8,039,283 Nitride compound semiconductor element and method for manufacturing same
47 8,039,154 Fuel cell system, method of starting fuel cell system
48 8,039,148 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
49 8,039,146 Electrochemical device comprising alkaline electroylte
50 8,039,143 Electrode unit for prismatic battery, prismatic battery, and method of manufacturing electrode unit for prismatic battery
51 8,039,137 Battery cooling device, air flow control device, and computer readable medium
52 8,039,136 Battery cooling device, battery cooling air flow control device, and computer readable medium
53 8,039,044 Method for forming electrode for battery
54 8,038,860 Biosensor
55 8,038,329 Bulb-shaped lamp and lighting device
56 8,038,304 Projector system and video projection method
57 8,038,070 Noncontact data carrier