Panasonic patents granted on 19 January 2010

29 US patents granted on 19 January 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 7,650,567 Reception apparatus and information browsing method
2 7,650,560 Packet transmission apparatus and method using optimized punctured convolution codes
3 7,650,515 Secure processing device, method and program
4 7,650,342 User profile management system
5 7,650,283 Dialogue supporting apparatus
6 7,650,112 Method and system for extending coverage of WLAN access points via optically multiplexed connection of access points to sub-stations
7 7,650,060 Recording medium, playback device, recording method, playback method, and computer program
8 7,650,032 Method for encoding moving image and method for decoding moving image
9 7,649,962 Phase error correction circuit
10 7,649,945 Motion vector derivation method, moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
11 7,649,944 Motion vector derivation method, moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
12 7,649,824 Optical storage medium control data region
13 7,649,815 Repetitive control device and optical disc device
14 7,649,680 Wavelength converting apparatus
15 7,649,567 Format conversion apparatus, format conversion method, and image display apparatus and image display method using the format conversion apparatus
16 7,649,547 Surveillance video camera with a plurality of sensitivity enhancing units
17 7,649,531 Image generation device and image generation method
18 7,649,528 Display device comprising display driver having display driving section formed between transistors providing electric current thereto
19 7,649,511 Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display panel apparatus capable of displaying high-quality images with high luminous efficiency
20 7,649,487 A/D converter and A/D conversion method
21 7,649,383 Bidirectional level shift circuit and bidirectional bus system
22 7,649,267 Package equipped with semiconductor chip and method for producing same
23 7,649,235 Electronic component package
24 7,648,908 Method for forming inlaid interconnect
25 7,648,617 Biosensor
26 7,648,459 Ultrasonic probe
27 7,647,883 Fluid injection method and apparatus and display panel
28 7,647,788 Temperature management apparatus and power supply
29 7,647,670 Vacuum cleaner with final filtration compartment for reducing noise