Panasonic patents granted on 19 January 2016

35 US patents granted on 19 January 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 9,241,436 Component mounting device, a component mounting method, an imaging device and an imaging method
2 9,241,388 Method and apparatus for manufacturing a light-emitting device including correction of an application amount of a fluorescent resin based on a fluorescent particle concentration
3 9,241,386 Lighting apparatus and illumination system using the same
4 9,241,374 Induction cooking appliance
5 9,241,334 Wireless reception device, wireless transmission device, and wireless communication method
6 9,241,329 Wireless communication apparatus and frequency hopping method
7 9,241,226 Uncomfortableness threshold value estimation system and method, and a program thereof; hearing aid adjustment system; and uncomfortableness threshold value processing circuit
8 9,241,162 Moving picture coding method, and moving picture decoding method
9 9,241,161 Moving picture coding method, and moving picture decoding method
10 9,240,873 Base station apparatus, communication method, terminal apparatus and integrated circuit
11 9,240,866 Interleaving method and deinterleaving method
12 9,240,812 Power amplification device and transmitter
13 9,240,604 Hydrogen generation apparatus and fuel cell power generation system
14 9,240,575 Power supply apparatus
15 9,240,504 Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
16 9,240,438 Passive-matrix display and tiling display
17 9,240,391 Semiconductor device
18 9,240,369 Encapsulated semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
19 9,240,279 Metallized film capacitor and case mold type capacitor including same
20 9,240,267 Power generation device
21 9,240,194 Voice quality conversion system, voice quality conversion device, voice quality conversion method, vocal tract information generation device, and vocal tract information generation method
22 9,240,192 Device and method for efficiently encoding quantization parameters of spectral coefficient coding
23 9,240,076 Information processing apparatus, server apparatus, information processing method
24 9,240,072 Three-dimensional image processing apparatus, three-dimensional image-pickup apparatus, three-dimensional image-pickup method, and program
25 9,240,044 Drug solution inspection device and drug solution inspection method
26 9,239,627 SmartLight interaction system
27 9,239,488 Liquid crystal display device
28 9,239,378 Radar device
29 9,239,291 Detector
30 9,239,256 Flow-rate measurement device
31 9,239,252 Sensor container, sensor information management method using the same, and sensor information management system for managing sensor housed in sensor container
32 9,239,052 Scroll compressor having out-of-phase back pressure chamber and compression chamber oil-feeding paths
33 9,239,009 Gas turbine system with cooling fluid generator
34 9,238,278 Solder transfer substrate, manufacturing method of solder transfer substrate, and solder transfer method
35 9,237,904 Puncturing instrument