Panasonic patents granted on 19 July 2011

46 US patents granted on 19 July 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D641,694 Body of charger
2 7,984,508 Contents using device, and contents using method
3 7,984,489 Device registration system and device registration apparatus
4 7,984,460 Disk device with ring-shaped elastomer member between mechanical chassis and wall of pickup supporting member
5 7,984,315 External storage device and power management method for the same
6 7,984,243 Cache memory and method for cache entry replacement based on modified access order
7 7,984,231 Information recording medium access device, and data recording method
8 7,984,190 System and method for managing content on mobile platforms
9 7,983,904 Scalable decoding apparatus and scalable encoding apparatus
10 7,983,643 Frequency demodulation with threshold extension
11 7,983,528 Moving image management method and apparatus
12 7,983,403 Communication apparatus for providing presence information
13 7,983,347 Multiple differential transmission system including signal transmitter and signal receiver connected via three signal lines
14 7,983,311 Signal detection device and signal detection method
15 7,983,304 Communication system provided with transmitter for transmitting audio contents using packet frame of audio data
16 7,983,229 Fast context establishment for interworking in heterogeneous network
17 7,983,131 Information recording apparatus, information recording method and integrated circuit
18 7,983,016 Electrostatically atomizing device
19 7,982,790 Solid-state imaging apparatus and method for driving the same
20 7,982,644 D/A converter and semiconductor integrated circuit including the same
21 7,982,623 Radio-type transmitting device, container, transmitting/receiving system and transmitting/receiving method
22 7,982,551 Voltage controlled oscillator having temperature detecting circuit
23 7,982,541 AGC circuit
24 7,982,482 Probe card, method of manufacturing the probe card and alignment method
25 7,982,390 Light emitting element and display device having an inorganic phosphor layer
26 7,982,388 Light emitting element and display device
27 7,982,365 Elastic wave device and filter and electronic equipment using the device
28 7,982,364 Surface acoustic wave device and method for manufacturing the same
29 7,982,276 Optical semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
30 7,982,224 Semiconductor device with silicon carbide epitaxial layer including dopant profiles for reducing current overconcentration
31 7,981,817 Method for manufacturing semiconductor device using multiple ion implantation masks
32 7,981,816 Impurity-activating thermal process method and thermal process apparatus
33 7,981,779 Method for making junction and processed material formed using the same
34 7,981,760 Method for manufacturing nonvolatile storage element and method for manufacturing nonvolatile storage device
35 7,981,710 Light emitting device and manufacturing method
36 7,981,571 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
37 7,981,555 Method of operating a fuel cell system
38 7,981,546 Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
39 7,981,528 Magnetic sheet with stripe-arranged magnetic grains, RFID magnetic sheet, magnetic shielding sheet and method of manufacturing the same
40 7,981,060 Ultrasound applying skin care device
41 7,980,702 Image display device
42 7,980,493 Electrostatic atomizer
43 7,980,444 Electronic component mounting head, and apparatus and method for mounting electronic component
44 7,980,320 Electric power tool with gear reduction unit
45 7,980,142 Ultrasonic flow rate measuring device having a plurality of ultrasonic flow rate sensors
46 7,979,982 Imaging device, and method for manufacturing the same