Panasonic patents granted on 19 June 2012

55 US patents granted on 19 June 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D662,085 Remote controller for digital video disc player
2 D662,067 Light source of light emitting diode
3 8,205,221 Slot-in type disk apparatus having link arm with folded piece
4 8,204,975 Server apparatus, client apparatus and system for securely transmitting stored content
5 8,204,747 Emotion recognition apparatus
6 8,204,745 Encoder, decoder, encoding method, and decoding method
7 8,204,568 Blood inspection device
8 8,204,432 System and method for receiving broadcast content on a mobile platform during international travel
9 8,204,358 Image and audio reproducing apparatus and method
10 8,204,337 Image processing system and method for noise reduction
11 8,204,336 Removing noise by adding the input image to a reference image
12 8,204,258 Multiband audio dynamics processor
13 8,204,219 Cryptographic method and apparatus for enhancing computation performance of a central processing unit
14 8,204,193 Telephone device
15 8,204,146 Impulse waveform generating apparatus and radio-frequency pulse waveform generating apparatus
16 8,204,126 Video codec apparatus and method thereof
17 8,204,119 Moving picture prediction method, moving picture coding method and apparatus, and moving picture decoding method and apparatus
18 8,204,113 Moving picture coding apparatus, moving picture decoding apparatus, and stream data
19 8,204,112 Moving picture coding method and a moving picture decoding method
20 8,204,017 Channel arrangement method and radio communication base station device
21 8,203,957 Radio communication terminal device, radio communication control station device, and radio communication method
22 8,203,922 Reproduced signal evaluating method, information recording medium, reproducing device, and recording device
23 8,203,661 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
24 8,203,632 Imaging apparatus
25 8,203,628 Camera system, camera body, interchangeable lens unit, and focus control method
26 8,203,625 Image capture device which selects reading method based on sensitivity information
27 8,203,518 Display device
28 8,203,507 Drive method of plasma display panel
29 8,203,493 Portable wireless device
30 8,203,474 Pipeline A/D converter
31 8,203,376 Semiconductor device and method for driving the same
32 8,203,309 Battery pack, and battery system
33 8,203,282 Electronic ballast with lamp end of life detection and protection circuits
34 8,203,267 Method for manufacturing high-pressure discharge lamp, high-pressure discharge lamp, lamp unit and projection-type image display
35 8,203,261 Display device
36 8,203,186 Semiconductor device including a stress film
37 8,203,184 Semiconductor integrated circuit
38 8,203,158 Organic EL display panel
39 8,203,157 Light emitting device having heat generating color conversion members
40 8,203,122 Thermoelectric conversion device, and radiation detector and radiation detection method using the same
41 8,203,106 Induction heating appliance for cooking
42 8,202,687 Method for transporting potassium ions from front side to back side of lipid bilayer membrane
43 8,202,658 Method for stopping a hydrogen generator by controlling water supply to a reformer
44 8,202,650 Negative electrode material for nickel-metal hydride battery and treatment method thereof, and nickel-metal hydride battery
45 8,202,646 Battery can with cutting-edge portion higher than cutting start portion, manufacturing method and manufacturing device therefore, and battery using the same
46 8,202,643 Portable power source and portable power source system
47 8,202,642 Current collector for non-aqueous secondary battery, electrode plate for non-aqueous secondary battery using the same, and non-aqueous secondary battery
48 8,202,570 Process for producing membrane/electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cell and process for producing polymer electrolyte fuel cell
49 8,202,457 Method and apparatus for producing battery pack
50 8,202,439 Diaphragm and device for measuring cellular potential using the same, manufacturing method of the diaphragm
51 8,202,249 Injection device with puncture function, method for controlling injection device with puncture function, chemical solution administration device, and method for controlling chemical solution administration device
52 8,201,982 Planar illumination device and liquid crystal display device using the same
53 8,201,455 Pressure sensor having thin film sections
54 8,201,450 Angular velocity sensor
55 8,201,449 Sensor