Panasonic patents granted on 20 December 2011

56 US patents granted on 20 December 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,082,488 Method for accessing a parent page while browsing web pages
2 8,082,429 Information processing apparatus and exception control circuit
3 8,081,971 Service in WLAN inter-working, address management system, and method
4 8,081,950 Power line communication apparatus and power line communication method
5 8,081,943 Reception apparatus and reception method
6 8,081,935 Multiple-mode modulator to process baseband signals
7 8,081,874 Interchangeable lens and camera body
8 8,081,865 AV data recording apparatus and method, recording media recorded by the same, AV data reproducing apparatus and method, and AV data recording and reproducing apparatus and method
9 8,081,863 Content playback apparatus
10 8,081,791 Loudspeaker
11 8,081,781 A/V amplifier and method for driving the same
12 8,081,764 Audio decoder
13 8,081,711 Predistortion methods and apparatus for polar modulation transmitters
14 8,081,703 Communication apparatus and communication method
15 8,081,702 Radio communication system, radio communication device, and channel correlation matrix decision method
16 8,081,688 Radio transmitting apparatus and radio transmitting method in multicarrier communication
17 8,081,683 Decoding-processing apparatus for decoding bitstreams encoded in accordance with an arithmetic-encoding system in image compression and method for performing the same
18 8,081,678 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
19 8,081,651 Radio communication method and radio communication device
20 8,081,617 Radio transmitting apparatus and radio transmitting method
21 8,081,594 Extension subordinate machine system and signal relaying method
22 8,081,562 Configurable acknowledgement mode for a hybrid automatic repeat request protocol
23 8,081,554 Optical pickup device with specific wavelength light blocking members for preventing further curing of adhesive
24 8,081,551 Optical recording medium, and optical information device
25 8,081,525 Memory device including combination SRAM-ROM cells and SRAM cells alternately arranged and semiconductor device including the memory device
26 8,081,445 Drainage structure and information processing unit
27 8,081,292 Exposure system and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
28 8,081,271 Backlight apparatus and liquid crystal display apparatus
29 8,081,252 Image displaying apparatus
30 8,081,212 Abnormality detecting apparatus
31 8,081,199 Light emitting element drive apparatus, planar illumination apparatus, and liquid crystal display apparatus
32 8,081,173 Plasma display device
33 8,081,168 On-screen input image display system
34 8,081,151 Driver controller for controlling a plurality of data driver modules included in a display panel
35 8,081,148 Display device
36 8,081,144 Plasma display panel drive method and plasma display device
37 8,081,117 Antenna device
38 8,081,103 Remote controller, method for controlling the same, and method for manufacturing the same
39 8,081,099 D/A converter, differential switch, semiconductor integrated circuit, video apparatus, and communication apparatus
40 8,081,033 Variable gain amplifier and high-frequency signal receiving apparatus comprising the same
41 8,081,000 Evaluation method and evaluation apparatus for evaluating battery safety, and battery whose safety indices have been determined with the same
42 8,080,948 Apparatus and method for trimming an output parameter of an electronic ballast
43 8,080,935 Organic EL display and method for manufacturing same
44 8,080,884 Mounting structure and mounting method
45 8,080,869 Wafer level package structure and production method therefor
46 8,080,855 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
47 8,080,763 Method of controlling arc welding and welding apparatus
48 8,080,754 Push switch
49 8,080,449 Method for manufacturing thin-film transistors
50 8,080,364 Pattern formation method
51 8,080,339 Gelled negative electrode for alkaline battery and alkaline battery
52 8,080,337 Electrode for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery using same
53 8,080,336 Alkaline dry battery
54 8,080,334 Lithium secondary battery
55 8,080,202 Component separating device and chemical analysis device using the same
56 8,079,140 Component mounting condition determining method