Panasonic patents granted on 20 January 2015

15 US patents granted on 20 January 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,938,811 Information processing apparatus, method, program, and integrated circuit
2 8,938,620 Measurement device and method of controlling the same
3 8,938,385 Method and apparatus for named entity recognition in chinese character strings utilizing an optimal path in a named entity candidate lattice
4 8,938,328 Electric vehicle and method of controlling the same
5 8,938,207 Radio frequency receiver and radio receiver
6 8,937,915 Base station apparatus and sequence assigning method
7 8,937,897 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
8 8,937,875 Radio reception apparatus, radio transmission apparatus, and radio communication method
9 8,937,667 Image communication apparatus and imaging apparatus
10 8,937,567 Delta-sigma modulator, integrator, and wireless communication device
11 8,937,553 Syringe drive device and syringe drive method
12 8,937,537 Method and system for utilizing spread spectrum techniques for in car applications
13 8,937,498 Common mode noise reduction circuit, differential signal transmitting apparatus, differential signal transmitting system and car electronics device
14 8,937,374 Semiconductor package, method and mold for producing same, input and output terminals of semiconductor package
15 8,937,368 Semiconductor device