Panasonic patents granted on 20 March 2012

59 US patents granted on 20 March 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,141,088 Multithreaded processor
2 8,141,000 Destination retrieval apparatus, communication apparatus and method for retrieving destination
3 8,140,999 Display process device and display process method
4 8,140,710 Home link setting method, home gateway device, and mobile terminal
5 8,140,675 Content reproduction apparatus
6 8,140,460 Character outfit autoconfiguration device, character outfit autoconfiguration method, and character outfit autoconfiguration program
7 8,140,409 Terminal device and security device which automatically receive electronic gift, information providing method for providing electronic gift together with requested electronic information, and information server
8 8,140,191 Environment control device, environment control method, environment control program, and computer-readable recording medium containing the environment control program
9 8,140,176 Electronic component mounting system and electronic component mounting method
10 8,140,037 Wireless transmission apparatus and modulation scheme selection method
11 8,140,030 Adaptive impedance converter adaptively controls load impedance
12 8,140,022 Radio communication device and radio communication method
13 8,140,011 Radio node apparatus, multi-hop radio system, and multi-hop radio system constructing method
14 8,139,930 Information recording medium, device and method for playing back 3D images
15 8,139,929 High-resolution optical disk for recording stereoscopic video, optical disk reproducing device, and optical disk recording device
16 8,139,925 Recording medium, playback device, and integrated circuit
17 8,139,915 Recording medium, recording method, reproduction apparatus and method, and computer-readable program
18 8,139,878 Picture coding method and picture decoding method
19 8,139,842 Device and method for inspecting rechargeable battery connection structure
20 8,139,798 Sound reproducing apparatus
21 8,139,759 Line state detecting apparatus and transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus of balanced transmission system
22 8,139,690 Method and transmitter structure reducing ambiguity by repetition rearrangement in the bit domain
23 8,139,686 Radio communication method, radio transmitting apparatus, and radio receiving apparatus
24 8,139,662 Mobile station device
25 8,139,644 Motion vector derivation method, moving picture coding method and moving picture decoding method
26 8,139,637 Moving picture coding apparatus and moving picture decoding apparatus
27 8,139,626 Communication apparatus, communication method, circuit module and integrated circuit
28 8,139,547 Receiver apparatus and communication method
29 8,139,473 Radio communication mobile station apparatus and radio communication method
30 8,139,461 Record medium, optical disk unit using it, and recording method
31 8,139,453 Buffering control method, and buffering control device
32 8,139,450 Amplifier circuit and optical pickup device
33 8,139,194 Display device having particular pixels and signal wiring internal circuits
34 8,139,177 Liquid crystal display device
35 8,139,173 Liquid crystal display
36 8,139,148 Cap structure
37 8,139,140 Imaging device
38 8,139,139 Imaging apparatus with phase difference detecting sensor
39 8,139,131 Solid state imaging device and fabrication method thereof, and camera incorporating the solid state imaging device
40 8,139,114 Surroundings monitoring apparatus and surroundings monitoring method for reducing distortion caused by camera position displacement
41 8,139,076 System, method, and program for determining luminance values of multiple polygons which represent a surface of a subject
42 8,139,037 Liquid crystal display device with touch screen
43 8,139,033 Input device
44 8,138,995 Plasma display device
45 8,138,980 Antenna device for radio apparatus and portable radio apparatus
46 8,138,747 Evaluation method for evaluating battery safety in the event of internal short circuit and evaluation apparatus used therefor
47 8,138,679 Organic electroluminescent light emitting device for restoring normal operation after low-voltage errors
48 8,138,661 Side surface light emitting device
49 8,138,636 Function unit for dual wiring system
50 8,138,615 Semiconductor integrated circuit providing for wire bonding directly above an active circuit region, and manufacturing method thereof
51 8,138,601 Ultrasonic measuring method, electronic component manufacturing method, and semiconductor package
52 8,138,582 Impurity introducing apparatus having feedback mechanism using optical characteristics of impurity introducing region
53 8,138,426 Mounting structure
54 8,137,863 Fuel cell
55 8,137,847 Active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and manufacturing method therefore
56 8,137,839 Alloy powder for electrode and method for producing same
57 8,137,829 Method of preserving polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack and preservation assembly of polymer electrolyte fuel cell stack
58 8,137,005 Lens barrel and camera
59 8,136,219 Electronic component mounter and mounting method