Panasonic patents granted on 20 October 2015

60 US patents granted on 20 October 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 9,167,732 Vehicle-mounting charging apparatus and vehicle mounted therewith
2 9,167,665 Lighting device, lighting apparatus using the same, and lighting system
3 9,167,661 Power supply device and lighting device and lighting fixture using the same
4 9,167,658 Light emitting element lighting device and lighting fixture using same
5 9,167,654 Solid light source lighting device, illumination apparatus, and illumination system
6 9,167,649 Lighting device and luminaire
7 9,167,648 Lighting device and luminaire
8 9,167,642 LED lighting device and illuminating apparatus using the same
9 9,167,623 Communication system, communication method, mobile terminal, and mobile base station device
10 9,167,589 Integrated circuit for transmitting and receiving reference signal in radio communication
11 9,167,486 Inter-VPLMN handover via a handover proxy node
12 9,167,429 Visible light communication system, communication terminal and server
13 9,167,281 Transport stream packet header compression
14 9,167,264 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus and integrated circuit for generating a code stream with a hierarchical code structure
15 9,167,247 Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding video using inter-color-plane prediction
16 9,167,157 Drive apparatus
17 9,167,134 Imaging control device, immersion position information generation device, imaging control method, immersion position information generation method
18 9,166,980 Content management system, management server, memory media device and content management method
19 9,166,972 Shared information distributing device, holding device, certificate authority device, and system
20 9,166,859 Wireless communication apparatus and transmission power control method
21 9,166,810 Information communication device of obtaining information by demodulating a bright line pattern included in an image
22 9,166,742 Transmission device, transmission method, receiving device and receiving method
23 9,166,736 Communication apparatus and communication method
24 9,166,707 Transmitter, signal generation device, calibration method, and signal generation method
25 9,166,685 Lighting apparatus for visible light communication, and visible light communication system using the apparatus
26 9,166,666 Terminal station apparatus, base station apparatus, transmission method and control method
27 9,166,614 Ramp-signal generator circuit, and image sensor and imaging system including the same
28 9,166,609 AD converter and receiving apparatus
29 9,166,558 High-frequency filter
30 9,166,517 Motor control device, brushless motor, and motor control system
31 9,166,496 Load control device
32 9,166,482 Power supply device for converting AC power from a commercial power supply into DC power
33 9,166,447 Wireless electric power transmission apparatus
34 9,166,421 Secondary battery pack discharge system
35 9,166,286 Communication device
36 9,166,196 Organic electroluminescence device
37 9,166,133 Substrate for LED, LED module, and LED bulb
38 9,166,088 Solar module
39 9,166,056 Thin-film semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
40 9,165,757 Stroboscopic device with flash discharge tube having conductive film on outer periphery
41 9,165,636 Memory management unit for managing a state of memory, image processing device, and integrated circuit
42 9,165,592 Disc device
43 9,165,482 Display device and method for manufacturing the same
44 9,165,400 Image generation apparatus, image generation method, image generation program, and integrated circuit for rendering a target pixel in a target scene by using Z-buffering
45 9,165,390 Object detection frame display device and object detection frame display method
46 9,165,212 Person counting device, person counting system, and person counting method
47 9,165,195 Thronging determination device and thronging determination method
48 9,165,146 Content management device and content management method
49 9,164,944 Semiconductor system, relay apparatus, and chip circuit
50 9,164,652 Energy management assistance device, energy management assistance system, and program
51 9,164,642 Touch panel
52 9,164,619 Configurable touch screen LCD steering wheel controls
53 9,164,582 Display control device and method detecting eye position of a user
54 9,164,200 Optical element and imaging apparatus including the same
55 9,164,119 Angular velocity detection device and angular velocity sensor including the same
56 9,163,804 Lighting device
57 9,163,790 LED illumination device and LED light-emission module
58 9,162,321 Laser welding method and laser welding apparatus
59 9,162,307 Alternating-current welding method and alternating-current welding device
60 9,162,249 Paste dispenser for applying paste containing fillers using nozzle with pin and application method using the same