Panasonic patents granted on 21 April 2009

36 US patents granted on 21 April 2009 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D590,865 Video projector
2 D590,862 Video camera with hard disc recorder
3 D590,861 Video camera with video disc recorder
4 D590,860 Video camera with video tape recorder
5 D590,819 Telephone handset
6 7,523,431 Semiconductor integrated circuit
7 7,523,279 Information processing apparatus for accessing memory spaces including a user memory space and a secure memory space
8 7,523,154 Write compensation circuit and signal interpolation circuit of recording device
9 7,522,938 Portable information terminal apparatus
10 7,522,935 Feedback control for multicast or broadcast services
11 7,522,814 Information recording medium, recording apparatus, editing apparatus, reproduction apparatus, recording method, editing method, and reproduction method
12 7,522,796 Camera integral with optical fiber
13 7,522,792 Optical element, laser light source, and two-dimensional image forming apparatus
14 7,522,775 Image coding and decoding methods, image coding and decoding apparatuses, and recording media for image coding and decoding programs
15 7,522,618 Communication apparatus, communication system and communication method
16 7,522,558 Handover method and mobile communication system
17 7,522,544 Radio communication apparatus and subcarrier assignment method
18 7,522,495 Optical disc including a learning area having first and second regions, and methods for reproducing and recording data on the optical disc
19 7,522,488 Method and apparatus for reproducing content according to information embedded in the content
20 7,522,485 Method for adjusting focus or tracking detection unit, and optical disc device
21 7,522,465 Semiconductor memory device, and data transmitting/receiving system
22 7,522,300 Network scanner and multifunction machine incorporated with a network scanner
23 7,522,155 Trackball device and vehicle incorporating the same
24 7,521,896 Abnormal voltage detector apparatus for detecting voltage abnormality in assembled battery
25 7,521,824 Contactor control apparatus and contactor control method for use in electric vehicle
26 7,521,820 Electrical apparatus system
27 7,521,801 Semiconductor device
28 7,521,786 Sustaining circuit with bi-directional device
29 7,521,288 Stacked chip semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
30 7,521,214 Method of immobilizing malate dehydrogenase on a substrate
31 7,521,144 Membrane-electrode assembly for polymer electrolyte fuel cells, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
32 7,521,143 Polymer electrolyte fuel cell
33 7,520,967 Fluid applying apparatus
34 7,520,184 Angular velocity sensor
35 7,520,175 Strain sensor
36 7,520,067 Three-dimensional measurement probe