Panasonic patents granted on 21 August 2012

74 US patents granted on 21 August 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D665,840 Multifunction printer
2 8,250,664 Copyright protection data processing system and reproduction device
3 8,250,622 Method and apparatus for broadcasting to a portable terminal
4 8,250,442 Recording method and reproduction method suitable for recording/reproduction of AV data, and recording drive and reproduction drive, information recording system and information reproduction system, and information recording medium for such methods
5 8,250,415 Optical disk reproduction apparatus, optical disk reproduction method, reproduction processing device and reproduction processing method
6 8,250,410 Video recording and reproducing apparatus and method thereof
7 8,250,340 Processor for executing highly efficient VLIW
8 8,250,136 Server, electronic apparatus, external apparatus, and information processing system using them, and electronic apparatus setting and status acquisition method
9 8,249,860 Adaptive sound source vector quantization unit and adaptive sound source vector quantization method
10 8,249,442 Flash unit and imaging apparatus
11 8,249,430 Digital broadcast receiving apparatus and method for displaying images with programming information
12 8,249,429 Digital broadcasting receiving system, digital broadcasting receiver, and mobile communication device
13 8,249,428 Content management device and content management method for controlling transfer of content having copy control information
14 8,249,416 Recording medium, program, and reproduction method
15 8,249,415 Information recording medium, data discrimination device, and data reproduction device
16 8,249,370 Image processing method, image recording method, image processing device and image file format
17 8,249,359 Detector for detecting a predetermined image in an input image, and detection method and integrated circuit for performing the same
18 8,249,290 Speaker
19 8,249,269 Sound collecting device, sound collecting method, and collecting program, and integrated circuit
20 8,249,182 Decoding circuit, decoding method, encoding circuit, and encoding method
21 8,249,181 Multi-carrier transmission device and multi-carrier transmission method
22 8,249,178 Multicarrier transmitter and multicarrier receiver
23 8,249,132 Communication terminal and receiving method
24 8,249,086 Apparatus for flow control
25 8,249,037 Sleep-state for mobile terminal and service initiation for mobile terminals in sleep-state
26 8,249,018 UPE relocation for route optimization during handover between neighbouring network areas
27 8,249,013 Radio communication base station apparatus and radio communication method used for multi-carrier communication
28 8,248,929 Master unit device and band management method used by the same master unit device
29 8,248,902 Reproduction signal evaluation method, reproduction signal evaluation unit, and optical disk device adopting the same
30 8,248,759 Capacitor
31 8,248,758 Coin-type electrochemical element
32 8,248,569 Display device
33 8,248,568 Liquid crystal display device
34 8,248,567 Display device with dummy signal line having a bend
35 8,248,562 Display panel having an antireflection layer
36 8,248,549 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
37 8,248,548 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
38 8,248,495 Image picking-up processing device, image picking-up device, image processing method and computer program
39 8,248,488 Display device and imaging apparatus using the same
40 8,248,485 Imaging apparatus and imaging method
41 8,248,333 Display device
42 8,248,331 Image display device and method of controlling the same
43 8,248,327 Driving device and driving method of plasma display panel, and plasma display device
44 8,248,200 Inductance component
45 8,248,190 Resonator and filter using the same
46 8,248,042 Power converter
47 8,247,987 Induction lamp lighting device and illumination apparatus
48 8,247,974 High-pressure discharge lamp, lamp unit, and image display apparatus
49 8,247,930 Acoustic exciter and speaker using it
50 8,247,903 Semiconductor device
51 8,247,898 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device mounted structure
52 8,247,876 Semiconductor device
53 8,247,875 Fabrication method of semiconductor device
54 8,247,873 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
55 8,247,817 Liquid crystal display device
56 8,247,791 Compound semiconductor light emitting element, illuminating apparatus using compound semiconductor light emitting element, and method for manufacturing compound semiconductor light emitting element
57 8,247,748 Induction heating cooker
58 8,247,744 Cooking device
59 8,247,684 Solar cell and method for fabricating the same
60 8,247,474 Method of manufacturing base layer, ink for inkjet and electronic components
61 8,247,336 Optical glass composition, preform and optical element
62 8,247,218 Extracellular potential sensing element, device for measuring extracellular potential, apparatus for measuring extracellular potential and method of measuring extracellular potential by using the same
63 8,247,118 Non-aqueous solvent and non-aqueous electrolytic solution for energy storage device, and energy storage device, lithium secondary battery and electric double-layer capacitor each comprising the non-aqueous solvent or the non-aqueous electrolytic solution
64 8,247,111 Alkaline battery and sealing unit for alkaline battery
65 8,247,108 Alkaline primary battery comprising a sealing agent
66 8,247,096 Negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
67 8,247,058 Information recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
68 8,247,048 Cylindrical molded article, injection mold and manufacturing method of cylindrical molded article
69 8,246,544 Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
70 8,246,221 Reflector LED lamp
71 8,246,170 Display apparatus
72 8,245,992 Hanger and display
73 8,245,833 Substrate transport apparatus and substrate transport method
74 8,245,531 Fluid machine and refrigeration cycle apparatus having the same