Panasonic patents granted on 21 July 2009

49 US patents granted on 21 July 2009 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D596,734 Ceiling fan
2 D596,733 Ceiling fan
3 D596,639 Portable computer
4 D596,638 Portable computer
5 D596,619 Speaker box
6 D596,611 Telephone base unit
7 D596,568 Yoke of stator core for electric motor
8 D596,567 Teeth of stator core for electric motor
9 D596,566 Stator core for electric motor
10 D596,565 Separator for fuel cell
11 7,565,649 Data reproduction device, video display apparatus and software update system and software update method which use them
12 7,565,637 Method of designing package for semiconductor device, layout design tool for performing the same, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
13 7,565,589 Semiconductor integrated circuit having a BIST circuit
14 7,565,582 Circuit for testing the AC timing of an external input/output terminal of a semiconductor integrated circuit
15 7,565,473 Semiconductor integrated circuit and electronic equipment
16 7,565,444 Communication system
17 7,565,209 Device control apparatus
18 7,565,143 Wireless client device
19 7,565,118 Polar modulation transmission apparatus and wireless communication apparatus
20 7,565,062 Recording medium, reproduction device, program, reproduction method, and system integrated circuit
21 7,565,049 Laser light source, and two-dimensional image forming device
22 7,564,993 Personal authentication method and device
23 7,564,902 Device, method and program for generating interpolation frame
24 7,564,884 Ridge-stripe semiconductor laser
25 7,564,836 Internet telephone apparatus, adapter and server for internet telephone communication, internet telephone system, and control method
26 7,564,801 Router reachability verification in IPv6 networks
27 7,564,765 Optical pickup device and optical disk apparatus
28 7,564,758 Data recording method and apparatus using write pulse waveforms
29 7,564,726 Semiconductor memory device
30 7,564,691 Opening and closing mechanism, and electronic device
31 7,564,493 Solid-state imaging apparatus and method for driving solid-state imaging device
32 7,564,492 Solid-state image sensing device and camera using the same
33 7,564,400 Spread spectrum radar apparatus
34 7,564,322 Dual-frequency matching circuit
35 7,564,321 Dual-frequency matching circuit
36 7,564,296 Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus and electronic apparatus
37 7,564,189 Fluorescent lamp, backlight unit, and liquid crystal television for suppressing corona discharge
38 7,564,133 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
39 7,564,073 CMOS and HCMOS semiconductor integrated circuit
40 7,564,051 Thin-film transistor including organic semiconductor and inorganic particles, and manufacturing method therefor
41 7,564,004 Switch device
42 7,564,001 Switch and remote controller using the same
43 7,563,709 Pattern formation method and method for forming semiconductor device
44 7,563,706 Material for forming insulating film with low dielectric constant, low dielectric insulating film, method for forming low dielectric insulating film and semiconductor device
45 7,563,650 Circuit board and the manufacturing method
46 7,563,644 Optical device and method for fabricating the same
47 7,563,635 Electronic device and method of manufacturing the same
48 7,562,988 Two-dimensional image display device
49 7,562,665 Cleaning device for a hair removing apparatus and method of cleaning the same