Panasonic patents granted on 22 March 2011

58 US patents granted on 22 March 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 7,913,316 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for testing semiconductor integrated circuit
2 7,913,221 Interconnect structure of semiconductor integrated circuit, and design method and device therefor
3 7,913,169 Recording medium, reproduction apparatus, recording method, program, and reproduction method
4 7,912,789 Electronic value, electronic purse device, and system for using the same
5 7,912,719 Speech synthesis device and speech synthesis method for changing a voice characteristic
6 7,912,423 Wireless communication system
7 7,912,379 Optical transmitter circuit
8 7,912,377 Visible light communication apparatus and visible light communication method
9 7,912,368 Eyepiece lens system, finder optical system, and electronic viewfinder of imaging apparatus and imaging apparatus
10 7,912,352 Playback apparatus, program and playback method
11 7,912,230 Howling detection device and method
12 7,912,215 Data transmission apparatus, data receiving apparatus and method executed thereof
13 7,912,148 Transmission circuit and communication device
14 7,912,139 Multi-carrier communication apparatus, power line communication circuit, and multi-carrier communication method
15 7,912,122 Picture coding method, picture decoding method, picture coding apparatus, picture decoding apparatus
16 7,912,008 Home agent, mobile router, and mobile communication method using the same
17 7,911,973 Moving router, home agent, router position registration method, and moving network system
18 7,911,926 Optical disc drive
19 7,911,925 Optical pickup
20 7,911,923 Complex objective lens, optical head, optical information apparatus, computer, optical disk player, car navigation system, optical disk recorder, and optical disk server
21 7,911,919 Information recording/reproducing device and hologram recording/reproducing method
22 7,911,908 Optical head and data processing apparatus including the same
23 7,911,907 Optical disc judgment method and optical disc device
24 7,911,893 Disc device
25 7,911,890 Optical disk unit
26 7,911,824 Nonvolatile memory apparatus
27 7,911,765 Metalized film capacitor, case mold type capacitor using the same, inverter circuit, and vehicle drive motor drive circuit
28 7,911,734 Spindle motor with a magnetic shield plate having an inclined annular face
29 7,911,523 Automatic adjuster for image capture circuit
30 7,911,516 Camera module and electronic apparatus provided with it
31 7,911,511 Imaging device, display control device, display device, printing control device, and printing device
32 7,911,478 Drawing device, drawing method, and drawing program
33 7,911,418 Method of driving plasma display panel, and plasma display device
34 7,911,369 Pipelined AD converter
35 7,911,350 Alcohol detection system
36 7,911,297 Filter device and method for manufacturing the same
37 7,911,295 Common mode noise filter
38 7,911,274 Variable transconductance circuit
39 7,911,249 Semiconductor integrated circuit
40 7,911,179 Charging/discharging apparatus
41 7,911,142 Electron emission thin-film, plasma display panel and methods for manufacturing
42 7,911,139 Plasma display device with improved luminance
43 7,911,112 Ultrasonic actuator
44 7,911,064 Mounted body and method for manufacturing the same
45 7,911,060 Multilayer wiring structure of semiconductor device, method of producing said multilayer wiring structure and semiconductor device to be used for reliability evaluation
46 7,911,027 Semiconductor device, method of generating pattern for semiconductor device, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and apparatus for generating pattern for semiconductor device
47 7,911,018 Optical device and method of manufacturing the same
48 7,910,966 Solid state imaging device including a semiconductor substrate on which a plurality of pixel cells have been formed
49 7,910,940 Semiconductor light-emitting device
50 7,910,464 Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device having a III-V nitride semiconductor
51 7,910,406 Electronic circuit device and method for manufacturing same
52 7,910,403 Metal particles-dispersed composition and flip chip mounting process and bump-forming process using the same
53 7,910,242 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
54 7,910,238 Alkaline battery
55 7,909,979 Water photolysis system and process
56 7,909,068 Method for producing positive electrode plate for alkaline storage battery
57 7,908,964 Screen printing apparatus and screen printing method
58 7,908,707 Floor cleaning apparatus with filter cleaning system