Panasonic patents granted on 22 March 2016

54 US patents granted on 22 March 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 9,295,138 Lighting device and luminaire using the same
2 9,295,119 Lighting device and illumination apparatus using the same
3 9,295,115 Lighting apparatus and illuminating fixture with the same
4 9,295,110 Inductive heating device
5 9,295,078 Base station and related radio communication method
6 9,295,054 Terminal device, base station device, transmitting method and receiving method
7 9,295,045 Base station, relay station, transmission method, and reception method
8 9,295,037 Base station, terminal, transmission method, and reception method
9 9,294,965 Handover control system, user terminal, signaling relay apparatus, and session control apparatus
10 9,294,820 Control of display for switching between currently displaying content and new content
11 9,294,696 Solid-state imaging device having a counting unit and a comparison unit with switchable frequency band characteristics and imaging apparatus having the same
12 9,294,666 Communication method
13 9,294,665 Feature extraction apparatus, feature extraction program, and image processing apparatus
14 9,294,658 Lens barrel, imaging device and camera
15 9,294,402 Router, method for controlling router, and program
16 9,294,189 Lighting fixture and visible-light-communication system with same
17 9,294,188 Information communication device
18 9,294,165 Signal generating method and signal generating device
19 9,294,071 Antenna duplexer
20 9,294,053 Amplifying circuit including active inductor
21 9,294,040 Power amplifier and transmission device
22 9,294,034 Measurement device for texture size, manufacturing system for solar cell, and manufacturing method for solar cell
23 9,293,954 Rotor of motor and fan driving motor including rotor
24 9,293,938 Charging control device to prevent supplied power from exceeding contract demand
25 9,293,915 Electric power control device and electric power control system using same
26 9,293,794 Battery module
27 9,293,683 Method for connecting piezoelectric element and cable substrate, piezoelectric element having cable substrate, and inkjet head including piezoelectric element with cable substrate
28 9,293,681 Electrocaloric material
29 9,293,646 Method of manufacture for nitride semiconductor light emitting element, wafer, and nitride semiconductor light emitting element
30 9,293,574 Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
31 9,293,491 Polarization image sensor and endoscope
32 9,293,419 Semiconductor package and semiconductor device
33 9,293,251 Method of exciting primary coils in contactless power supplying device and contactless power supplying device
34 9,293,035 Information apparatus, apparatus to be controlled, radio communication system, and method for selecting apparatus to be controlled
35 9,292,929 Image region extraction device, image region extraction method, and image region extraction program
36 9,292,286 Shuffle pattern generating circuit, processor, shuffle pattern generating method, and instruction sequence
37 9,292,185 Display device and display method
38 9,292,147 Display device with touch panel
39 9,292,142 Electronic device and method for determining coordinates
40 9,292,090 Haptic feedback device and haptic feedback method
41 9,291,889 Photo mask and method for forming pattern using the same
42 9,291,885 Multiple light projection type image display apparatus combining and projecting lights from light sources and control apparatus therefor
43 9,291,878 Single focal length lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
44 9,291,874 Optical deflection element and optical deflection device
45 9,291,816 Scanning mirror and scanning image display device
46 9,291,815 Optical reflection element
47 9,291,753 Diffraction optical element and production method therefor
48 9,291,682 Degradation state estimating method and degradation state estimating apparatus
49 9,291,620 In vitro diagnostic tool, membrane for in vitro diagnostic tool, and production methods of the tool and the membrane
50 9,291,335 Light-emitting device with electrically insulated LED module
51 9,290,394 Method for decomposing organic compound contained in aqueous solution
52 9,290,385 Hydrogen generation apparatus and fuel cell system
53 9,290,135 In-vehicle electronic device and data collection system
54 9,289,551 Pharmaceutical injection device