Panasonic patents granted on 22 May 2012

67 US patents granted on 22 May 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D660,471 Light-emitting diode lamp
2 D660,470 Light-emitting diode lamp
3 D660,469 Light-emitting diode lamp
4 D660,468 Light-emitting diode lamp
5 D660,339 Camera
6 D660,293 Television receiver stand
7 8,185,864 Circuit board analyzer and analysis method
8 8,185,756 System and method for transmitting a power control signal to an external device based on the presence of linkage information
9 8,185,746 Method for generating data for detection of tampering, and method and apparatus for detection of tampering
10 8,185,705 Information recording medium, information recording medium accessing apparatus and accessing method
11 8,185,661 Method and apparatus for header compression
12 8,185,306 Method and apparatus for transmitting position information on a digital map
13 8,185,243 Robot, control device for robot arm and control program for robot arm
14 8,185,193 Electroencephalogram interface system and activation apparatus
15 8,185,117 Fast handover in mobile communications networks
16 8,185,045 Use of satellites by terminals with small antennas
17 8,185,043 Wireless communication method, relay station apparatus, and wireless transmitting apparatus
18 8,184,965 Imaging device
19 8,184,961 High-resolution optical disk for recording stereoscopic video, optical disk reproducing device, and optical disk recording device
20 8,184,951 Recording and reproducing apparatus
21 8,184,946 Recording editing apparatus
22 8,184,944 Recording medium, recording device, recording method, and playback device
23 8,184,827 Sound source position detector
24 8,184,826 Speaker system
25 8,184,817 Multi-channel acoustic signal processing device
26 8,184,810 Secure device and relay terminal
27 8,184,805 Program converter, encrypting device, and encrypting method
28 8,184,722 Coding method
29 8,184,706 Moving picture coding apparatus and method with decimation of pictures
30 8,184,697 Moving picture coding method and a moving picture decoding method
31 8,184,522 Optical head for optical recorder/reproducer
32 8,184,515 Phase error detecting device, waveform shaping device and optical disc device
33 8,184,429 Capacitor lead wire, its manufacturing method, and capacitor using the same
34 8,184,380 Lens barrel
35 8,184,374 Lens having protection film and method for manufacturing such lens
36 8,184,373 Optical element and method for producing the same
37 8,184,252 Image display device
38 8,184,241 Liquid crystal display device
39 8,184,238 Planar illumination device and liquid crystal display device using the same
40 8,184,229 Liquid crystal display device
41 8,184,194 Image processing apparatus, image division program and image synthesising method
42 8,184,132 Electronic display device medium and screen display control method used for electronic display medium
43 8,184,115 Plasma display device and method for driving the same
44 8,184,090 Display device
45 8,184,023 Rotary operation type input device
46 8,183,915 Oscillator, and receiving device and electronic device using the oscillator
47 8,183,832 Charging system, charger, and battery pack
48 8,183,778 Stoichiometric phosphor, and light emitting device and plasma display panel utilizing the phosphor
49 8,183,777 Low power consumption plasma display panel
50 8,183,775 Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
51 8,183,774 Front plate for plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same, as well as plasma display panel
52 8,183,770 Light emitting display
53 8,183,758 Liquid crystal display device with the mixture of the plural kinds of green phosphors
54 8,183,748 Piezoelectric thin film, ink jet head, method for forming image with the ink jet head, angular velocity sensor, method for measuring angular velocity with the angular velocity sensor, piezoelectric generating element and method for generating electric power with the piezoelectric generating element
55 8,183,738 Control system for oscillatory actuator
56 8,183,732 Radial anisotropic magnet manufacturing method, permanent magnet motor using radial anisotropic magnet, and iron core-equipped permanent magnet motor
57 8,182,958 Membrane membrane-reinforcement-member assembly, membrane catalyst-layer assembly, membrane electrode assembly and polymer electrolyte fuel cell
58 8,182,955 Method for operating fuel cell and fuel cell system
59 8,182,945 Current collector comprising plurality of projections, electrode, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery comprising the same
60 8,182,941 Alkaline dry battery and method for producing the same
61 8,182,934 Secondary battery
62 8,182,923 Conductive paste and mounting structure using the same
63 8,182,251 Expander-compressor unit
64 8,182,093 Image projection device including determining displayable region
65 8,181,779 Puncture instrument set and puncture needle disposal instrument
66 8,181,524 Ultrasonic stress measurement method and device
67 8,181,349 Hair cutting device