Panasonic patents granted on 22 September 2015

40 US patents granted on 22 September 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D739,376 Speaker box
2 9,144,115 Induction cooking device
3 9,143,969 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
4 9,143,933 Communication device that receives external device information from an external device using near field communication
5 9,143,928 Mobile node and communication control method
6 9,143,805 Method of image coding chrominance signal and method of image decoding chrominance signal
7 9,143,779 Image coding method and image decoding method for performing coding/decoding by performing SAO processing
8 9,143,778 Low complex deblocking filter decisions
9 9,143,662 Frame fastening structure
10 9,143,461 Communication device, network node, and communication server
11 9,143,339 Information communication device for obtaining information from image data by demodulating a bright line pattern appearing in the image data
12 9,143,302 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
13 9,143,301 Base station and method for receiving control information
14 9,143,192 Terminal apparatus and communication method for receiving control data and user data
15 9,142,993 Charge circuit, and battery-charger assemblage with the charge circuit
16 9,142,958 Power supply apparatus
17 9,142,775 Method of manufacturing semiconductor memory device
18 9,142,773 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory element and method of manufacturing the same
19 9,142,765 Manufacturing method of non-volatile memory element, non-volatile memory element, and non-volatile memory device
20 9,142,748 Light emitting device, display device, and manufacturing method for light emitting device
21 9,142,733 Light source device including a high energy light source and a wavelength conversion member, illuminating device comprising the same, and vehicle
22 9,142,706 Method of manufacturing solar cell
23 9,142,582 Imaging device and imaging system
24 9,142,356 Method of manufacturing solid electrolytic capacitor
25 9,142,292 Method for reading data from nonvolatile storage element, and nonvolatile storage device
26 9,142,289 Method for driving variable resistance element, and nonvolatile memory device
27 9,142,170 Liquid crystal display device including an opening in a color filter
28 9,142,122 Communication device for performing wireless communication with an external server based on information received via near field communication
29 9,141,904 RFID device, host, RFID-embedded apparatus, and method of controlling RFID device
30 9,141,856 Clothing image analysis apparatus, method, and integrated circuit for image event evaluation
31 9,141,471 Encoding method, decoding method
32 9,141,470 Decoding device
33 9,141,245 Electronic device and coordinate detecting method
34 9,141,187 Interactive vehicle synthesizer
35 9,141,085 Image forming apparatus
36 9,140,826 Plastic lens and lens barrel
37 9,139,806 Microbial counting cell, microbe counting device using same, and microbe counting method using same
38 9,138,931 Collector device, non-woven fabric manufacturing apparatus, and non-woven fabric manufacturing method
39 9,138,734 Visible light-responsive photocatalyst coating material, coated article, allergen inactivation method
40 9,138,176 Biological information measuring device and control method thereof