Panasonic patents granted on 23 April 2013

67 US patents granted on 23 April 2013 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D680,699 Vacuum cleaner nozzle
2 D680,575 Eyeglasses
3 D680,525 Portable computer
4 D680,370 Microwave oven
5 8,429,698 Digital broadcast transmission device and digital broadcast reception device
6 8,429,680 Disk device including disk conveyance mechanism and disk installment mechanism
7 8,429,531 Object selecting apparatus, object selecting program, integrated circuit used for the object selecting apparatus, and object selecting method
8 8,429,503 Encoding device and decoding device
9 8,429,481 Synchronous hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) protocol employing a first information element indicating whether to perform retransmission of an uplink data packet and a second information element indicates modulation and coding scheme (MCS) for the retransmission
10 8,429,294 Enabling simultaneous use of home network and foreign network by a multihomed mobile node
11 8,429,010 CM data management apparatus/method, pay-program reception terminal/method, pay-program transmission/reception system, and computer-readable storage medium storing computer program to realize these methods
12 8,428,956 Audio encoding device and audio encoding method
13 8,428,953 Audio decoding device, audio decoding method, program, and integrated circuit
14 8,428,917 Signal processing device and signal processing method
15 8,428,596 Base station device, gateway device, call connecting method, and wireless communication system
16 8,428,567 Cordless telephone unit including audible confirmation of called party
17 8,428,440 Information recording apparatus and method for the same
18 8,428,439 Broadcast program recording/reproducing device and broadcast program recording/reproducing method
19 8,428,437 Reproduction device, integrated circuit, reproduction method, program, and computer-readable recording medium
20 8,428,435 Content use device and recording medium
21 8,428,428 Reproduction device and program
22 8,428,425 Optical disk for high resolution and general video recording, optical disk reproduction apparatus, optical disk recording apparatus, and reproduction control information generation apparatus
23 8,428,422 Moving picture multiplexing apparatus, audio and video recording apparatus and moving picture multiplexing method
24 8,428,338 Method of determining solder paste height and device for determining solder paste height
25 8,428,298 Damper for speaker and speaker using the damper
26 8,428,293 Speaker device
27 8,428,283 Manufacturing method of paper making part for loudspeaker, paper making part for loudspeaker, diaphragm for loudspeaker, sub cone for loudspeaker, dust cap for loudspeaker and loudspeaker
28 8,428,184 Transmitter, receiver, data transmission method and data reception method
29 8,428,182 Communication method and radio communication apparatus
30 8,428,126 Image decoding device with parallel processors
31 8,428,040 Reception apparatus and reception method for setting a format per divided band
32 8,428,007 Resource allocation size dependent transport block size signaling
33 8,427,957 Communication terminal and communication method
34 8,427,928 Optical head and optical information device
35 8,427,850 Switching power supply device with a switching control circuit
36 8,427,756 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
37 8,427,624 Liquid crystal display device
38 8,427,613 In-plane field type liquid crystal display device comprising liquid crystal molecules with more than two kinds of reorientation directions
39 8,427,574 Camera body and imaging device controlling display based on detected mounting state of lens
40 8,427,572 Camera head and camera device
41 8,427,546 Imaging apparatus
42 8,427,525 Method of transmitting video data for wirelessly transmitting three-dimensional video data
43 8,427,400 Image display device
44 8,427,259 Elastic wave filter, and duplexer and electronic device using same
45 8,427,217 Phase interpolator based on an injected passive RLC resonator
46 8,427,202 Nonvolatile logic circuit and a method for operating the same
47 8,427,138 Position sensor
48 8,427,090 Magnetic-drive-pulsation motor
49 8,427,056 High-intensity discharge lamp
50 8,427,054 Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing same
51 8,427,053 Plasma display panel having high luminance display and capable of being driven with low voltage
52 8,427,003 Electric power supply device
53 8,426,978 Semiconductor device including a first wiring having a bending portion and a via including the bending portion
54 8,426,965 Semiconductor device mounted structure and its manufacturing method, semiconductor device mounting method, and pressing tool
55 8,426,870 Thin-film transistor array device, el display panel, el display device, thin-film transistor array device manufacturing method, el display panel manufacturing method
56 8,426,864 Infrared sensor
57 8,426,836 Nonvolatile memory device and manufacturing method thereof
58 8,426,782 Induction heating device
59 8,426,249 Chip part manufacturing method and chip parts
60 8,426,069 Battery having a belt-like separator
61 8,426,048 Battery pack, electronic apparatus equipped with the same and electronic apparatus equipped with battery housing part
62 8,426,004 Multilayer information recording medium manufacturing method, multilayer information recording medium manufacturing apparatus, and multilayer information recording medium
63 8,426,003 Information recording medium, method for manufacturing the same, and recording/reproducing apparatus
64 8,425,810 Nanofiber production device and nanofiber production method
65 8,425,427 Pulse wave detection device, device control device, and pulse wave detection method
66 8,425,088 Illuminating lens, and lighting device
67 8,424,155 Upright vacuum cleaner with agitator lift feature