Panasonic patents granted on 23 August 2016

45 US patents granted on 23 August 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D764,734 Steam iron
2 D764,458 Handheld terminal
3 D764,406 Electric toothbrush charger
4 9,426,899 Electronic component assembly
5 9,426,846 Induction heating apparatus
6 9,426,761 Wireless communication device
7 9,426,755 Terminal device, base station device, transmission method and transmit power setting method
8 9,426,507 Information recommendation device, information recommendation system, and information recommendation method
9 9,426,456 Display device and video viewing system
10 9,426,412 Rendering device and rendering method
11 9,426,368 Communication system and camera system
12 9,426,363 Image forming apparatus image forming method and image sensor
13 9,426,099 Router, method for controlling router, and program
14 9,425,791 Semiconductor integrated circuit with shutoff control for plural power domains
15 9,425,767 Acoustic wave device and sealing body contained therein
16 9,425,766 Elastic wave element, and electrical apparatus and duplexer using same
17 9,425,678 Switching power supply apparatus and semiconductor device
18 9,425,641 Battery charging apparatus
19 9,425,373 Light emitting module
20 9,425,340 Solar cell and solar cell module
21 9,425,302 Semiconductor device
22 9,425,229 Solid-state imaging element, imaging device, and signal processing method including a dispersing element array and microlens array
23 9,425,225 Solid-state imaging device
24 9,425,122 Electronic component package and method for manufacturing the same
25 9,424,966 Method for forming electrical connection structure part, method for producing aluminum wire with terminal, electrical connection structure part, motor provided with electrical connection structure part, and electrical device provided with motor provided with electrical connection structure part, aluminum wire with terminal, motor provided with aluminum wire with terminal, and electrical device provided with motor provided with aluminum wire with terminal
26 9,424,847 Bandwidth extension parameter generation device, encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus, bandwidth extension parameter generation method, encoding method, and decoding method
27 9,424,645 Calibration device and calibration method for a stereo camera without placing physical markers
28 9,424,640 Pathological diagnosis support apparatus and pathological diagnosis support method
29 9,424,602 Order receiving system and order receiving method
30 9,423,942 Scrolling apparatus, scrolling method, and computer-readable medium
31 9,423,935 Terminal apparatus and GUI screen generation method
32 9,423,904 Portable device and method of manufacturing a display device
33 9,423,786 Motor drive device
34 9,423,782 Motor drive device
35 9,423,645 Liquid crystal display device
36 9,423,304 Infrared ray detecting element and infrared ray detector including the same
37 9,423,118 Light-emitting module and lamp using same
38 9,423,111 Illumination device
39 9,423,108 Socket for a lamp having an OLED illuminant
40 9,422,930 Refrigerant compressor
41 9,421,893 Vehicle heating device and heater-equipped vehicle seat
42 9,421,686 Master device for master slave apparatus, method of controlling the same, and master slave robot
43 9,421,646 Soldering paste and flux
44 9,421,638 Laser processing apparatus and laser processing method using the same technical field
45 9,421,146 Cosmetic device