Panasonic patents granted on 23 February 2016

41 US patents granted on 23 February 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D750,153 Projector
2 9,271,417 Electronic component mounting method
3 9,271,389 Device mounting board, semiconductor module, and method for fabricating the device mounting board
4 9,271,354 Lighting source and lighting apparatus
5 9,271,284 Terminal and response signal transmission method
6 9,271,268 Wireless transmission device, wireless reception device, and bandwidth allocation method for setting a band where other bands indicated by continuous band allocation information do not overlap
7 9,271,252 Communication terminal device, communication system, and method of controlling communication terminal device
8 9,271,014 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
9 9,271,002 Coding method and coding apparatus
10 9,270,948 Image pick-up device, method, and system utilizing a lens having plural regions each with different focal characteristics
11 9,270,894 Imaging apparatus and method of driving the same
12 9,270,887 Imaging apparatus and display method for displaying through image and image processing information
13 9,270,884 Imaging apparatus and detecting apparatus
14 9,270,795 Communication antenna unit and mobile terminal apparatus
15 9,270,673 Terminal device, verification device, key distribution device, content playback method, key distribution method, and computer program
16 9,270,604 Bus system and router
17 9,270,470 Unauthorized contents detection system
18 9,270,463 Unauthorized connection detecting device, unauthorized connection detecting system, and unauthorized connection detecting method
19 9,270,444 Signal detector device and signal detection method
20 9,270,419 Wireless communication device and communication terminal
21 9,270,211 Electric power tool
22 9,270,106 Temperature protection device of electronic device
23 9,270,104 Power supply control device
24 9,269,989 Electric power supply system
25 9,269,830 Junction field effect transistor and analog circuit
26 9,269,765 Semiconductor device having gate wire disposed on roughened field insulating film
27 9,269,507 Spring load adjustment structure of contact device and spring load adjustment method of contact device
28 9,269,504 Electrode, method for producing electrode, and energy device, electronic device, and transportation device including electrode
29 9,269,487 Common mode noise filter and production method therefor
30 9,268,304 Image forming apparatus
31 9,268,145 Image display system and three-dimensional eyeglasses
32 9,268,112 Lens barrel
33 9,268,067 Optical component having antireflection structure
34 9,267,986 Three-dimensional integrated circuit and testing method for the same
35 9,267,849 Display device with temperature sensor
36 9,267,719 Heat pump operation method and heat pump system
37 9,266,729 Fuel processor
38 9,266,483 In-vehicle charger, and program therefor
39 9,266,324 Inkjet apparatus and method for manufacturing organic EL device
40 9,266,229 Automatic transmission for power tools
41 9,265,235 Accidental ingestion detection apparatus, accidental ingestion detection system, and accidental ingestion detection method