Panasonic patents granted on 23 July 2013

52 US patents granted on 23 July 2013 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE44,384 Method and device for mounting electronic component
2 8,495,268 Card host LSI and set device including the same
3 8,494,723 Method for operating a vehicle display and a vehicle display system
4 8,494,677 Motion path search device and method of searching for motion path
5 8,494,359 Imaging apparatus
6 8,494,344 Recording and playback apparatus
7 8,494,303 Image processing apparatus and image processing method for adaptively processing an image using an enhanced image and pixel values of an original image
8 8,494,194 Hearing aid
9 8,494,175 Noise reduction device and noise reduction system
10 8,494,129 Communication apparatus, integrated circuit, and communication method
11 8,494,081 Transmission device
12 8,494,050 Moving picture coding device and moving picture coding method
13 8,494,035 Frequency-domain adaptive feedback equalizer
14 8,494,003 Method and apparatus for transmitting data packets and method and apparatus for receiving data packets
15 8,493,961 Transmission timing control method, base station apparatus and mobile station apparatus
16 8,493,916 MIMO transmission device and MIMO transmission method
17 8,493,880 Network system
18 8,493,838 Device management system
19 8,493,824 Optical head and optical disc device
20 8,493,765 Semiconductor device and electronic device
21 8,493,537 Liquid crystal display device
22 8,493,533 Liquid crystal display device
23 8,493,532 Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
24 8,493,522 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
25 8,493,512 Digital broadcast receiver apparatus and image display method
26 8,493,498 Image apparatus system, camera body and interchangeable lens
27 8,493,494 Imaging apparatus with subject selecting mode
28 8,493,471 Imaging apparatus, recording apparatus, file management apparatus and display apparatus
29 8,493,405 Image control device and image display system for generating an image to be displayed from received imaged data, generating display information based on the received image data and outputting the image and the display information to a display
30 8,493,345 Display device
31 8,493,307 Display device
32 8,493,305 Display device
33 8,493,297 OLED driver, lighting apparatus equipped with the driver and an adjustment method of the apparatus
34 8,493,244 Vector quantization device, vector inverse-quantization device, and methods of same
35 8,493,006 Drive unit
36 8,492,896 Semiconductor apparatus and semiconductor apparatus unit
37 8,492,895 Semiconductor device with grounding conductor film formed on upper surface of dielectric film formed above integrated circuit
38 8,492,875 Nonvolatile memory element having a tantalum oxide variable resistance layer
39 8,492,776 Semiconductor light emitting device, illumination module, illumination apparatus, method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device, and method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting element
40 8,492,754 Organic light-emitting display panel, display device, and method of manufacturing organic light-emitting display panel
41 8,492,743 Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
42 8,492,687 Power control apparatus for high-frequency dielectric heating and power control method for the same
43 8,492,635 Music sound generation apparatus, music sound generation system, and music sound generation method
44 8,492,184 Organic EL display panel, display device, and method of manufacturing organic EL display panel
45 8,492,043 Fuel cell, fuel cell system, and method for operating fuel cell
46 8,491,353 Mold for optical components
47 8,491,321 Plug-in connector for DC wiring
48 8,491,167 Illumination device
49 8,491,160 Sheet, light emitting device, and method for producing the sheet
50 8,491,133 Projection apparatus
51 8,491,125 Lighting device and projection type display apparatus including the same
52 8,490,461 Angular velocity sensor