Panasonic patents granted on 23 June 2015

46 US patents granted on 23 June 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D732,502 Telephone base unit
2 9,066,407 Power source unit for LED lamps, and LED lamp system
3 9,066,356 Wireless communication system provided in aircraft for communicating using plural wireless channels
4 9,066,335 Mobile terminal and control channel receiving method
5 9,066,235 Control system and security control method
6 9,066,183 Piezoelectric speaker
7 9,066,103 Video signal coding apparatus and video signal coding method
8 9,066,089 Stereoscopic image display device and stereoscopic image display method
9 9,066,031 Solid-state imaging device and imaging apparatus
10 9,066,018 Image display device
11 9,065,986 Imaging apparatus and imaging system
12 9,065,713 OFDM reception device, OFDM reception circuit, OFDM reception method, and OFDM reception program
13 9,065,698 Communications apparatus, communications system, communications method and integrated circuit
14 9,065,633 Wireless communication apparatus for setting frequency band for wireless communications using encryption key information to predetermined frequency band
15 9,065,618 Radio communication apparatuses and radio communication method
16 9,065,611 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
17 9,065,602 Integrated circuit for controlling a process
18 9,065,598 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, transmitting method, and receiving method
19 9,065,538 Transmission-reception device
20 9,065,527 Relay station, base station and communication method
21 9,065,525 Receiving apparatus
22 9,065,499 Transmission signal generator, transmission signal generating method, reception signal generator, and reception signal generating method
23 9,065,424 Acoustic wave device with reduced higher order transverse modes
24 9,065,380 Method for calculating motor constant of permanent magnet type synchronous motor and motor constant calculating device
25 9,065,301 Power control system and electric device
26 9,065,148 Negative electrode active material for lithium ion secondary battery and method for producing the same
27 9,064,664 Contact device
28 9,064,573 Writing method of variable resistance non-volatile memory element and variable resistance non-volatile memory device
29 9,064,570 Non-volatile memory device and method for manufacturing the same
30 9,064,501 Speech processing device and speech processing method
31 9,064,487 Imaging device superimposing wideband noise on output sound signal
32 9,064,331 Three-dimensional image processing apparatus, three-dimensional image processing method, and program
33 9,064,235 Content sharing system and method, content relaying apparatus and method, and content providing apparatus and method
34 9,064,171 Detection device and method for transition area in space
35 9,063,871 Decoding device and decoding method
36 9,063,868 Virtual computer system, area management method, and program
37 9,063,404 Laser light source and projection device having first and second refractive parallelizing elements
38 9,063,371 Backlight device, liquid crystal display apparatus, and lens
39 9,063,361 Liquid crystal display device with grounded by thermocompression bonding tape and double-side adhesive tape
40 9,063,356 Method for repairing display device and apparatus for same
41 9,063,279 Lens barrel
42 9,062,851 LED lamp, LED illumination device, and LED module
43 9,062,176 Transparent film
44 9,061,311 Coating apparatus and method thereof
45 9,060,693 Visual function testing device
46 9,060,684 Observation device, observation program, and observation system