Panasonic patents granted on 23 November 2010

60 US patents granted on 23 November 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE41,959 Variable address length compiler and processor improved in address management
2 7,841,014 Confidential information processing method, confidential information processor, and content data playback system
3 7,840,974 Disc identification device, disc insertion-ejection device, and disc device
4 7,840,973 Optical disc device having improved disc detection
5 7,840,823 Processor system for varying clock frequency and voltage in response to a comparison of instruction execution rate to a reference value
6 7,840,810 Systems and methods for rejoining a second group of nodes with a first group of nodes using a shared group key
7 7,840,749 Data area managing method in information recording medium and information processor employing data area managing
8 7,840,729 Recording medium access device and recording medium access method
9 7,840,616 File recording method, file recording apparatus, and program
10 7,840,565 Dictionary creation device and dictionary creation method
11 7,840,515 System architecture and process for automating intelligent surveillance center operations
12 7,840,402 Audio encoding device, audio decoding device, and method thereof
13 7,840,331 Travel support system and travel support method
14 7,840,243 Antenna arrangement in a mobile terminal apparatus
15 7,840,201 Communication module having tuner units that are separated and isolated from each other, and method of manufacturing the same
16 7,840,193 Transmitter and communication apparatus
17 7,840,116 Broadcast receiving terminal
18 7,840,115 Optical disc recording apparatus, computer-readable recording medium recording a file management program, and optical disc
19 7,840,114 Video and audio reproducing apparatus and method of reproducing the same
20 7,840,022 Speaker device
21 7,839,954 Phase rotation of IQ origin
22 7,839,946 Data communication apparatus and data communication method
23 7,839,911 Semiconductor laser device
24 7,839,907 Laser driving apparatus
25 7,839,896 Video transmission system
26 7,839,818 Radio communication device and communication load calculation method therefor
27 7,839,807 Communication apparatus, method executed by communication apparatus, and storage medium storing software for executing method
28 7,839,763 Radio transmission device, radio reception device, radio transmission method, and radio reception method
29 7,839,759 Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
30 7,839,750 Holographic recording apparatus, holographic reproducing apparatus and holographic recording and reproducing apparatus
31 7,839,744 Write-once read-many information recording medium, information recording method, information reproduction method, information recording apparatus, and information reproduction apparatus
32 7,839,697 Semiconductor memory device
33 7,839,514 Delaying a warm-up start time for a printing apparatus
34 7,839,397 Display driver and display panel module
35 7,839,357 Image display apparatus for writing display information with reduced electric consumption
36 7,839,350 Antenna device
37 7,839,340 Collapsable portable wireless unit
38 7,839,312 Coder
39 7,839,299 Remote control device, remote control method, and remotely controlled device
40 7,839,230 PLL oscillation circuit, polar transmitting circuit, and communication device
41 7,839,151 Solid electrolytic capacitor inspection device and inspection method
42 7,839,128 Bidirectional power supply device
43 7,839,122 Charging apparatus
44 7,839,088 Glass composition and display panel using the same
45 7,839,069 Method for manufacturing direct backlight unit, fluorescent lamp and backlight unit
46 7,839,055 Flat-plate lamination-type conductive polymer actuator and flat-plate lamination-type conductive polymer actuator device as well as operating method thereof
47 7,839,046 Claw pole type motor and pump
48 7,839,044 Rotor magnet, spindle motor comprising the same, recording and reproducing apparatus, and jig for manufacturing the same
49 7,839,003 Semiconductor device including a coupling conductor having a concave and convex
50 7,838,919 Capacitor structure
51 7,838,904 Nitride based semiconductor device with concave gate region
52 7,838,791 Metal coating removing apparatus and metal coating removing method
53 7,838,576 Poly (phenylene ether) resin composition, prepreg, and laminated sheet
54 7,838,323 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
55 7,838,185 Focus measurement method and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
56 7,838,153 Current collector, electrode, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
57 7,837,390 Hydrodynamic bearing, motor including the same, and recording and reproducing apparatus
58 7,837,305 Piezoelectric element, ink jet head, and ink jet recording device
59 7,837,134 Electrostatically atomizing device
60 7,836,774 Strain detector having a column-shaped strain generator