Panasonic patents granted on 24 February 2015

49 US patents granted on 24 February 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D722,999 Headphones
2 D722,974 Connector
3 D722,973 Connector
4 D722,972 Connector
5 8,966,099 Session change method and session change device
6 8,965,821 Learning method of neural network circuit
7 8,965,216 Information communication method
8 8,965,178 Program information display device, program information output device, and program information display method
9 8,965,139 Image decoding method, image coding method, image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus and integrated circuit for generating a code stream with a hierarchical code structure
10 8,965,049 Function extension device, function extension method, computer-readable recording medium, and integrated circuit
11 8,964,891 Antenna system calibration
12 8,964,873 Radio communication for reducing the signaling amount in selecting a plurality of beams in pre-coding for enhancing throughput
13 8,964,859 3D video decoding apparatus and 3D video decoding method
14 8,964,848 Motion vector calculation method
15 8,964,847 Decoding method and apparatus with candidate motion vectors
16 8,964,839 Moving picture coding method, and moving picture decoding method
17 8,964,697 Connection management method, connection management system, mobile terminal, packet data gateway and mobile management gateway
18 8,964,695 Optimization of handovers to untrusted non-3GPP networks
19 8,964,694 Communication system, communication processing device and authentication processing device
20 8,964,687 Wireless communication base station equipment, wireless communication terminal device and search space setting method
21 8,964,654 Avoidance of feedback collision in mobile communications
22 8,964,584 Communication terminal and cluster monitoring method
23 8,964,351 Robotic arm
24 8,964,273 Optical reflection element
25 8,964,155 Liquid crystal display device
26 8,964,148 Backlight unit and liquid crystal display device
27 8,964,065 Video picture extracting apparatus, imaging apparatus and recording medium
28 8,963,929 Animation drawing device, computer-readable recording medium, and animation drawing method
29 8,963,867 Display device and display method
30 8,963,753 Oversampling A/D converter
31 8,963,512 Power supply device and electric power conversion device using the same
32 8,963,491 Contactless charging module, contactless charging device, and method of manufacturing contactless charging module
33 8,963,490 Non-contact charging module and reception-side and transmission-side non-contact charging apparatuses using the same
34 8,963,458 Rechargeable electric tool and method for manufacturing rechargeable electric tool
35 8,963,425 Power supply device, lamp fitting, and vehicle
36 8,963,415 Organic EL element, display panel, and display device
37 8,963,372 Inverter and power converter having inverter mounted therein
38 8,963,171 Image display device and the method for manufacturing the same
39 8,963,064 Photosensor having upper and lower electrodes with amorphous silicon film and n-type amorphous silicon film therebetween and photosensor array
40 8,962,363 Method for forming a groove on a surface of flat plate formed of a nitride semiconductor crystal
41 8,962,248 Sequencer
42 8,962,212 Unit cell module and gasket for polymer electrolyte fuel cell
43 8,962,199 Fuel cell system
44 8,962,187 Negative electrode active material for lithium ion secondary battery and method for producing the same
45 8,961,777 Method for accurately quantifying a chemical substance contained in a sample solution at a significantly low concentration of not more than 1.times.10-.sup.8M
46 8,961,243 Electric wire positioning member and attachment plug including the same
47 8,961,150 Air exchange fan and circuit board box therefor
48 8,960,526 Flux for soldering and soldering process
49 8,959,775 Nose hair trimmer