Panasonic patents granted on 24 January 2012

43 US patents granted on 24 January 2012 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE43,145 Processor which can favorably execute a rounding process composed of positive conversion and saturated calculation processing
2 RE43,126 Optical pickup head and information recording/reproducing device
3 D653,006 Clothes dryer
4 D652,851 Robot hand
5 D652,842 Display screen with an icon image
6 8,104,068 Program replacing method
7 8,104,052 Slot-in type disk apparatus including a base body and lid forming a chassis sheath provided with a bezel
8 8,103,516 Subband coding apparatus and method of coding subband
9 8,103,447 Map displaying device
10 8,103,442 Navigation device and its method
11 8,103,400 Sensor apparatus
12 8,103,152 Information recording medium, and apparatus and method for recording information to information recording medium
13 8,103,036 Speaker device and television receiver using the speaker device
14 8,103,017 Sound reproducing system and automobile using such sound reproducing system
15 8,102,919 Image coding apparatus and image decoding apparatus
16 8,102,911 Picture coding device
17 8,102,908 Waveform equalizing device
18 8,102,880 Method and apparatus for packet segmentation and concatenation signaling in a communication system
19 8,102,831 Radio transmitting apparatus and method for transmitting OFDM signals from different antennas according to the degree of multiplexing
20 8,102,808 Method for ensuring medium access in a wireless network
21 8,102,761 Path control device, path control method, and path control program
22 8,102,741 Write-once read-many information recording medium, information recording method, information reproduction method, information recording apparatus, and information reproduction apparatus
23 8,102,696 Nonvolatile memory device and method of writing data to nonvolatile memory device
24 8,102,516 Test method for compound-eye distance measuring apparatus, test apparatus, and chart used for the same
25 8,102,450 Solid-state imaging device, imaging apparatus and driving method for the same
26 8,102,387 Image display device
27 8,102,357 Display device
28 8,102,349 Display device
29 8,102,274 Communication apparatus, communication system, communication method, integrated circuit and circuit module
30 8,102,155 Discharge controller
31 8,102,152 Deterioration detecting method and deterioration suppressing method for rechargeable lithium batteries, deterioration detector, deterioration suppressor, battery pack, and charger
32 8,102,115 Organic EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
33 8,102,056 Semiconductor device having pads and which minimizes defects due to bonding and probing processes
34 8,102,024 Semiconductor integrated circuit and system LSI including the same
35 8,101,972 Nitride semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
36 8,101,967 Optical semiconductor package and optical semiconductor device
37 8,101,472 Method for manufacturing TFT substrate
38 8,101,357 Method for inhibiting telomerase reaction using an anionic phthalocyanine compound
39 8,101,063 Method of measuring quantity of substrate
40 8,100,637 Double suction type centrifugal fan
41 8,100,549 Illuminating lens, and lighting device, surface light source, and liquid-crystal display apparatus each using the same
42 8,100,451 Multi-fingered robot hand
43 8,099,802 Flush toilet equipment