Panasonic patents granted on 24 June 2014

38 US patents granted on 24 June 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE44,970 Program information broadcasting system, broadcasting device, and receiving terminal unit
2 D707,835 Electric scalp massager
3 D707,743 Video camera
4 D707,644 Mobile phone
5 8,762,810 Semiconductor recording device, control method of semiconductor recording device, and semiconductor recording system
6 8,761,983 Power line communication system and vehicle
7 8,761,950 Power control system and method and program for controlling power control system
8 8,761,591 Interchangeable lens, and camera body which has the interchangeable lens attached thereto and can control the interchangeable lens
9 8,761,319 Reception device
10 8,761,269 Isolated communication system, and transmission unit and receiving unit applied to isolated communication system
11 8,761,239 Image coding apparatus, method, integrated circuit, and program
12 8,761,170 Communication device, communication method, integrated circuit, and program
13 8,761,119 Handover method, and mobile terminal and home agent used in the method
14 8,760,989 Objective lens element
15 8,760,987 Optical disc drive device and interconnection structure
16 8,760,611 Display device comprising a plurality of upper-layer lines with exposed upper surfaces which are not covered, a plurality of lower-layer lines, and a plurality of adjustment layers
17 8,760,609 Liquid crystal display device, display device and manufacturing method thereof
18 8,760,536 Camera device, color calibration method, and program
19 8,760,529 Solid-state image sensor and image capture device including the sensor
20 8,760,519 Threat-detection in a distributed multi-camera surveillance system
21 8,760,409 Image display unit with screen input function
22 8,760,323 Encoding device and encoding method
23 8,759,941 Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method for designing the same
24 8,759,931 Solid-state imaging device
25 8,759,883 Semiconductor integrated circuit
26 8,759,861 LED device with cerium oxide dispersion layer and method for manufacturing same
27 8,759,688 Electronic component mounting structure
28 8,759,190 Current steering element and non-volatile memory element incorporating current steering element
29 8,759,148 Method of mounting semiconductor chips, semiconductor device obtained using the method, method of connecting semiconductor chips, three-dimensional structure in which wiring is provided on its surface, and method of producing the same
30 8,759,126 Image display device and the method for manufacturing the same
31 8,758,950 Fuel cell system
32 8,758,871 Liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing same
33 8,758,578 Photoelectrochemical cell and energy system using the same
34 8,757,815 Lamp unit
35 8,757,496 Biological sample measuring device and biological sample measuring sensor used in same
36 8,757,090 Gas shower plate for plasma processing apparatus
37 8,757,059 Screen printing apparatus and screen printing method
38 8,756,800 Electronic component mounting method