Panasonic patents granted on 24 May 2011

77 US patents granted on 24 May 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D638,383 Electroluminescence module
2 D638,382 Electroluminescence module
3 D638,381 Electroluminescence module
4 D638,380 Electroluminescence module
5 D638,379 Electroluminescence module
6 7,950,053 Firewall system and firewall control method
7 7,950,043 Digital broadcast system, receiving apparatus and transmitting apparatus
8 7,950,039 Multimedia data transmitting apparatus and multimedia data receiving apparatus
9 7,950,016 Apparatus for switching the task to be completed in a processor by switching to the task assigned time slot
10 7,949,959 Target estimation device and target estimation method
11 7,949,930 Information recording medium, data sorting device and data reproduction device
12 7,949,860 Multi thread processor having dynamic reconfiguration logic circuit
13 7,949,762 Address managing method and communication apparatus
14 7,949,713 Information providing apparatus, provided information presenting apparatus, and information providing method
15 7,949,703 Group admission system and server and client therefor
16 7,949,521 Fixed codebook searching apparatus and fixed codebook searching method
17 7,949,518 Hierarchy encoding apparatus and hierarchy encoding method
18 7,949,485 Portable terminal device
19 7,949,316 High-efficiency envelope tracking systems and methods for radio frequency power amplifiers
20 7,949,225 Reproduction device, program, and reproduction method
21 7,949,058 Radio receiving apparatus and radio receiving method
22 7,949,057 Spectrum coding apparatus, spectrum decoding apparatus, acoustic signal transmission apparatus, acoustic signal reception apparatus and methods thereof
23 7,949,056 Balanced transmitting apparatus
24 7,949,023 Semiconductor laser apparatus
25 7,948,936 Quality-of-service (QoS)-aware scheduling for uplink transmission on dedicated channels
26 7,948,927 Packet relay method and home agent
27 7,948,867 Program reception/execution apparatus that can commence execution of a machine program having only received the program in part, and a program transmission apparatus that enables such execution
28 7,948,860 Optical recording medium, manufacturing method for optical recording medium, and reproducing method for optical recording medium
29 7,948,845 Drive device
30 7,948,839 Optical disk apparatus
31 7,948,835 Optical disc device, method for activating optical disc device, and control circuit
32 7,948,800 Semiconductor memory device and driving method for the same
33 7,948,789 Resistance variable element, nonvolatile switching element, and resistance variable memory apparatus
34 7,948,787 Semiconductor memory device
35 7,948,746 Cover opening/closing device and information processing unit
36 7,948,738 Electrode material for electric double layer capacitor and process for producing the same, electrode for electric double layer capacitor, and electric double layer capacitor
37 7,948,731 Static eliminator, and microphone electretizing method and apparatus using static eliminator
38 7,948,728 Semiconductor device and method for inspecting the same
39 7,948,726 Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection circuit and method
40 7,948,696 Objective lens actuator and method of manufacturing the objective lens actuator
41 7,948,685 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
42 7,948,684 Zoom lens system, imaging device and camera
43 7,948,622 System, method and apparatus for image processing and image format
44 7,948,579 Planar lighting device and liquid crystal display device using the same
45 7,948,560 On-screen signal processing apparatus and broadcast receiving apparatus for displaying image data according to attribute data
46 7,948,549 Camera system
47 7,948,531 Imaging apparatus and correction method of image data
48 7,948,524 Image processor and face detector using the same
49 7,948,514 Image processing apparatus, method and computer program for generating normal information, and viewpoint-converted image generating apparatus
50 7,948,480 Current driving circuit
51 7,948,469 Image display device and image display system
52 7,948,356 Portable terminal
53 7,948,290 Digital PLL device
54 7,948,247 Metal identifying device and metal identifying method
55 7,948,242 Integrated circuit and integrated circuit package
56 7,948,180 Plasma display panel and plasma display panel device with reduced driving voltage
57 7,948,048 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
58 7,948,039 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
59 7,948,001 LED lighting fixture
60 7,947,934 High frequency cookware
61 7,947,925 Heater unit and battery structure with heater
62 7,947,924 Cooking device
63 7,947,635 Hydrodynamic bearing device and spindle motor using the same
64 7,947,522 Method of production of semiconductor device and method of production of solid-state imaging device
65 7,947,432 Pattern formation method
66 7,947,396 Negative electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, method of manufacturing the same, and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery using the same
67 7,947,375 Interlayer dielectric film
68 7,947,353 Information recording medium and its production process
69 7,947,338 Method of forming an interlayer insulating film having a siloxane skeleton
70 7,947,205 Method and apparatus for removing a dissimilar material
71 7,947,002 Massage machine
72 7,946,991 Ultrasonic doppler blood flow measuring device
73 7,946,989 Ultrasonic diagnosing apparatus and ultrasonic image display method
74 7,946,987 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
75 7,946,898 Method for producing dielectric layer for plasma display panel
76 7,946,720 Light guide sheet, movable contact structure using the light guide sheet, method of manufacturing the movable contact structure, and switch using the light guide sheet and the movable contact structure
77 7,946,173 Angular velocity sensor and process for producing the same