Panasonic patents granted on 24 May 2016

32 US patents granted on 24 May 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D756,998 Portable computer
2 D756,994 Potable computer
3 D756,989 Optical disk recorder
4 D756,940 Dimmer control console
5 9,351,402 Circuit board, and semiconductor device having component mounted on circuit board
6 9,351,376 Illumination control system
7 9,351,349 Organic EL device having improved sealing property
8 9,351,075 Body-sensitive vibration headphone
9 9,350,522 Search space for uplink grant in an aggregated-carrier mobile communication system
10 9,350,449 Visible light communication device, lighting fixture including the same, and lighting system
11 9,350,431 Wireless communication method for a MU-MIMO system, wireless communication terminal for communicating with a base station in a MU-MIMO system, and base station for communicating with wireless communication terminals in a MU-MIMO system
12 9,350,417 Wireless transmission apparatus, wireless reception apparatus, and wireless communication method
13 9,350,387 Encoding method, encoder, decoding method and decoder
14 9,350,248 Power supply device with parallel buck converters
15 9,350,177 Equalization circuit, power supply system, and vehicle
16 9,349,897 Solar cell module and manufacturing method therefor
17 9,349,530 Wireless power transmission system, power transmitting device, and power receiving device
18 9,349,372 Speaker identification method, and speaker identification system
19 9,349,283 Remote operation system and remote controller
20 9,349,167 Image processing method and image processing apparatus
21 9,349,042 Human detection and tracking apparatus, human detection and tracking method, and human detection and tracking program
22 9,348,500 Categorizing apparatus and categorizing method
23 9,348,445 Information processing device, information processing method, and information processing program
24 9,348,427 Network control system, control apparatus, controlled apparatus, and apparatus control method
25 9,348,413 Electronic device
26 9,348,125 Zoom lens system, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
27 9,348,064 Plastic lens, method for manufacturing the same, and imaging device using the same
28 9,347,858 Dispensing device and dispensing system
29 9,347,464 Heating and ventilation fan for bathroom
30 9,346,337 Air conditioning device for vehicle
31 9,346,163 Robot, robot control device, robot control method, and robot control program
32 9,345,393 Endoscope camera