Panasonic patents granted on 25 January 2011

41 US patents granted on 25 January 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 7,877,743 Program translation method and notifying instruction inserting method
2 7,877,676 Data processing device and method for selecting media segments on the basis of a score
3 7,877,667 Semiconductor memory
4 7,877,576 Processing system having co-processor for storing data
5 7,877,569 Reduction of fragmentation in nonvolatile memory using alternate address mapping
6 7,877,467 Network equipment system
7 7,877,156 Audio reproducing apparatus, audio reproducing method, and program
8 7,877,108 Transmission power range setting during channel assignment for interference balancing in a cellular wireless communication system
9 7,877,063 High-frequency amplifier, and transmission/reception system
10 7,877,002 Reproduction device, program, and reproduction method
11 7,877,000 Multimedia optical disc storing both video titles provided with AV functions and video titles with no such functions which can instantly distinguish between such kinds of titles, and a reproduction apparatus and reproduction method for such disc
12 7,876,980 Imaging apparatus and imaging method for outputting a specified number of pixels in a specified area
13 7,876,857 Data receiving apparatus
14 7,876,842 Multicarrier transmission method, multicarrier modulation signal transmission apparatus, multicarrier modulation signal reception apparatus, multicarrier modulation signal transmission method, and pilot signal generation method
15 7,876,756 Packet transmitting method, relay node and receiving node
16 7,876,742 Mobility signaling using direct or indirect signaling based on cell residency heuristics
17 7,876,716 Base station apparatus and radio communication method
18 7,876,570 Module with embedded electronic components
19 7,876,477 Image reading method and image expansion method
20 7,876,469 Image forming apparatus and updating method
21 7,876,459 Printing apparatus, print processing system and print processing method for processing print files having different file formats
22 7,876,422 Spatial information detecting device and photodetector suitable therefor
23 7,876,360 Image data transfer processor and surveillance camera system
24 7,876,337 Display processing method and display processing apparatus
25 7,876,271 Antenna unit and portable radio apparatus
26 7,876,183 Electromagnetic switching device
27 7,876,178 Composite filter comprising a surface acoustic wave filter and an LC filter
28 7,876,170 Frequency modulator, frequency modulating method, and wireless circuit
29 7,876,166 Coupled ring oscillator and method for laying out the same
30 7,876,051 Electrode mount, arc tube, low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp, compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp and method of manufacturing the arc tube
31 7,875,974 Laminated mounting structure and memory card
32 7,875,898 Semiconductor device
33 7,875,496 Flip chip mounting method, flip chip mounting apparatus and flip chip mounting body
34 7,875,391 Lithium ion secondary battery and method for manufacturing same
35 7,875,390 Alkaline battery and method for producing the same
36 7,875,201 Electrolyte solution, electrochemical device using same, and electronic device
37 7,875,138 Adhesive tape applying apparatus and tape splicing method
38 7,874,888 Inspection method and inspection device, repairing method and repairing device for organic electroluminescence panel
39 7,874,747 Intermediate adapter, camera body and imaging system
40 7,874,503 Electrostatcially atomizing device
41 7,874,073 Nose hair cutter