Panasonic patents granted on 25 November 2014

61 US patents granted on 25 November 2014 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D718,496 Electric hair clipper
2 D718,495 Electric shaver
3 D718,277 Speaker box
4 D718,276 Speaker box
5 D718,274 Speaker box
6 D718,270 Telephone handset
7 D718,235 Mobile phone charger
8 8,898,684 Optical disc device including a carrier for holding optical discs in a stacked state
9 8,898,683 Disc drive unit and apparatus having the same
10 8,898,671 Processor that executes a plurality of threads by promoting efficiency of transfer of data that is shared with the plurality of threads
11 8,898,666 Virtual machine system and virtual machine system control method for controlling program execution on a plurality of processors that have a plurality of privileged modes
12 8,898,420 Non-volatile storage device and a memory controller controlling parity tables of recording regions of the non-volatile storage device
13 8,898,062 Strained-rough-voice conversion device, voice conversion device, voice synthesis device, voice conversion method, voice synthesis method, and program
14 8,898,057 Encoding apparatus, decoding apparatus and methods thereof
15 8,898,055 Voice quality conversion device and voice quality conversion method for converting voice quality of an input speech using target vocal tract information and received vocal tract information corresponding to the input speech
16 8,898,053 Encoding device, decoding device, and methods therein
17 8,897,924 System and method for providing dynamic power management
18 8,897,583 Image decoding apparatus for decoding a target block by referencing information of an already decoded block in a neighborhood of the target block
19 8,897,582 Image decoding apparatus, image coding apparatus, image decoding circuit, and image decoding method
20 8,897,578 Image recognition device, image recognition method, and integrated circuit
21 8,897,462 Audio processing apparatus, sound pickup apparatus and imaging apparatus
22 8,897,368 Image coding device, image coding method, image coding integrated circuit and image coding program
23 8,897,367 Motion compensation method, picture coding method and picture decoding method
24 8,897,366 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
25 8,897,350 Orthogonal transform error corrector
26 8,897,331 Lasing device
27 8,897,328 Semiconductor laser apparatus and method for manufacturing same
28 8,897,288 Mobile station apparatus, reception method and integrated circuit
29 8,897,278 OFDM receiving device and OFDM receiving method
30 8,897,257 Context transfer in a communication network comprising plural heterogeneous access networks
31 8,897,251 Wireless communication base station apparatus and pilot signal disposing method
32 8,897,250 Terminal apparatus and method for transmitting a response signal at a terminal
33 8,897,246 Terminal apparatus and response signal transmitting method
34 8,897,112 Information recording/reproduction device, cleaning tape, and optical pickup cleaning method
35 8,897,082 Data transmission circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
36 8,897,025 Ultrasonic sensor
37 8,896,984 Solid electrolytic capacitor
38 8,896,944 Lens barrel
39 8,896,933 Lens barrel
40 8,896,728 Image capturing device and image capturing method including setting shutter speed based on blur and noise
41 8,896,674 Video signal processing apparatus and video signal processing method
42 8,896,635 Display device
43 8,896,542 Portable terminal device and display control method
44 8,896,477 Time-to-digital converter
45 8,896,376 Digital amplifier
46 8,896,369 Switching device
47 8,896,221 Lighting device for semiconductor light emitting element and illumination apparatus including same
48 8,896,179 Motor and electronic device comprising the same
49 8,896,178 Synchronous electric motor drive system having slit windings
50 8,896,001 Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
51 8,895,989 Thin-film semiconductor device for display apparatus, method for manufacturing thin-film semiconductor device for display apparatus, EL display panel, and EL display apparatus
52 8,895,975 Photoelectric element
53 8,895,431 Method for fabricating semiconductor device
54 8,895,419 Nitride semiconductor light-emitting element and method for fabricating the same
55 8,895,373 Method for manufacturing flexible semiconductor device having gate electrode disposed within an opening of a resin film
56 8,895,359 Semiconductor device, flip-chip mounting method and flip-chip mounting apparatus
57 8,895,336 Method of manufacturing infrared light-emitting element
58 8,894,251 Lighting device topology for reducing unevenness in LED luminance and color
59 8,894,241 Light source device and image display device
60 8,894,213 Light source device and projection display apparatus
61 8,893,377 Apparatus and method for mounting semiconductor light-emitting element