Panasonic patents granted on 26 January 2010

39 US patents granted on 26 January 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D608,892 Glucose meter
2 D608,824 Print head for an ink jet printer
3 D608,780 Optical disc drive
4 D608,770 Antenna
5 D608,741 Substrate for electric circuit
6 D608,555 Electric swinging chair
7 D608,554 Electric swinging chair
8 7,653,917 Disk apparatus for limiting the vertical movement of a cam mechanism
9 7,653,866 Data recording method, recording medium and reproduction apparatus
10 7,653,796 Information recording medium and region management method for a plurality of recording regions each managed by independent file system
11 7,653,539 Communication device, signal encoding/decoding method
12 7,653,538 Playback apparatus and playback method
13 7,653,454 Electronic parts installation device and cassette control device
14 7,653,295 Collapsible lens barrel and optical instrument using the same
15 7,653,289 Stream converting method and apparatus thereof, and stream recording method and apparatus thereof
16 7,653,278 Refractive index distribution type optical member, and production method for refractive index distribution type optical member
17 7,653,266 Image pickup apparatus, solid-state imaging device, and image generating method
18 7,653,220 Face image creation device and method
19 7,653,162 Receiving apparatus and receiving method
20 7,653,141 Multi-band OFDM UWB communication systems having improved frequency diversity
21 7,653,104 Semiconductor laser device
22 7,653,099 Semiconductor laser device which is capable of stably emitting short-wavelength laser light
23 7,653,049 IP telephone system, IP telephone apparatus and calling method
24 7,652,970 Light information apparatus and control method of light information apparatus
25 7,652,963 Circuit for detecting recorded area
26 7,652,851 Head support device and disk device having the same
27 7,652,803 Driving device of light source
28 7,652,702 Solid state imaging device and imaging device
29 7,652,693 Portable telephone capable of recording a composite image
30 7,652,690 Front-end signal processing circuit and imaging device
31 7,652,643 Plasma display panel driving method and plasma display panel apparatus capable of displaying high-quality images with high luminous efficiency
32 7,652,434 Electronic flash unit and manufacturing method thereof
33 7,652,346 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
34 7,652,214 Electronic component package
35 7,651,927 Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
36 7,651,816 Positive electrode active material, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery containing the same and method for evaluating positive electrode active material
37 7,651,634 Phosphor composition and method for producing the same, and light-emitting device using the same
38 7,650,760 Motor controlling device, compressor, air conditioner and refrigerator
39 7,650,691 Component supply head device and component mounting head device