Panasonic patents granted on 26 January 2016

51 US patents granted on 26 January 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE45,872 Photovoltaic cell
2 9,247,641 Substrate with transparent conductive layer and organic electroluminescence device
3 9,247,604 Lighting device
4 9,247,602 Lamp and illumination apparatus
5 9,247,471 Short message transmission and handover procedures
6 9,247,370 Sound image localization control apparatus
7 9,247,361 Hearing aid, hearing aid fitting management system, server device, and computer device
8 9,247,349 Loudspeaker, video device, and portable information processing apparatus
9 9,247,220 Imaging apparatus including two image sensors having a different arrangement
10 9,247,187 Video display apparatus
11 9,247,186 Video display apparatus
12 9,247,180 Video display method using visible light communication image including stripe patterns having different pitches
13 9,247,135 Electronic device and imaging apparatus
14 9,247,124 Imaging apparatus, semiconductor integrated circuit, and imaging method
15 9,247,123 Imaging apparatus
16 9,246,895 Setting method, device authentication method, device authentication system, and server
17 9,246,784 Information notification apparatus, information notification system, information notification method, and program
18 9,246,657 Wireless communication base station equipment, wireless communication terminal device and search space setting method
19 9,246,574 Increase base station coverage through efficient relay station backhaul communication using carrier aggregation
20 9,246,539 Integrated circuit for controlling selection of random access preamble sequence
21 9,246,533 Electronic device including filter
22 9,246,518 Signal generating apparatus and signal generating method
23 9,246,402 Converter and semiconductor device
24 9,246,345 Power supply system, controller of power supply system, method of operating power supply system, and method of controlling power supply system
25 9,246,344 Charging method for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and battery pack
26 9,246,333 Electric power supply system
27 9,246,323 Current controller and protection circuit
28 9,246,256 Terminal cover
29 9,246,167 Method for forming zinc alloy powder for use in alkaline battery
30 9,246,147 Battery retainment block and battery module
31 9,246,075 Tubular thermoelectric generation device
32 9,246,073 Mounting structure, and method of manufacturing mounting structure
33 9,246,034 Solar cell and method of manufacturing the same
34 9,245,859 Wireless module
35 9,245,845 Semiconductor device
36 9,245,696 Display device
37 9,245,672 Chip resistor and method of producing same
38 9,245,537 Speech enhancement apparatus and method for emphasizing consonant portion to improve articulation of audio signal
39 9,245,356 Image decoding method and image decoding apparatus
40 9,244,760 Decoding apparatus and decoding method
41 9,244,508 Temporarily switching an electronic device to battery power to handle inrush upon connection of an external device
42 9,244,488 Display device
43 9,244,329 Light deflector, method of manufacturing light deflector, and liquid crystal display
44 9,244,278 Computer generated hologram type display device
45 9,244,258 Omnidirectional imaging system
46 9,244,094 Acceleration sensor
47 9,244,037 Method for measuring hematocrit value of blood sample, method for measuring concentration of analyte in blood sample, sensor chip and sensor unit
48 9,243,826 Refrigeration cycle using a refrigerant having negative saturated vapor pressure with condensation path backflow control and refrigeration cycle using a refrigerant having negative saturated vapor pressure with evaporation path load bypass
49 9,243,778 Wavelength conversion element, light emitting device including wavelength conversion element, and vehicle including light emitting device
50 9,242,380 Robot, robot control apparatus, robot control method, and robot control program
51 9,241,652 Auditory event-related potential measurement system, auditory event-related potential measurement method, and computer program thereof