Panasonic patents granted on 26 July 2011

36 US patents granted on 26 July 2011 and assigned to Panasonic

1 D642,150 Television apparatus
2 D642,149 Television apparatus
3 D642,143 Light emitting diode
4 D642,142 Light emitting diode
5 D642,141 Light emitting diode
6 7,987,487 Universal external multimedia adapter for use in a vehicle
7 7,987,314 Non-volatile memory device and write method thereof
8 7,987,273 Server apparatus, mobile terminal, electric appliance, communication system, communication method, and program
9 7,986,945 Mobile terminal device and program selection method
10 7,986,866 Reproduction device and program
11 7,986,783 Data transmitting apparatus
12 7,986,612 Communication terminal apparatus, base station apparatus and reception quality reporting method
13 7,986,607 Wave plate, optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
14 7,986,599 Drive device
15 7,986,597 PLL control device and reproduction apparatus with linking portion control
16 7,986,513 Battery holding mechanism and electronic device
17 7,986,469 Lens barrel and imaging device
18 7,986,352 Image generation system including a plurality of light receiving elements and for correcting image data using a spatial high frequency component, image generation method for correcting image data using a spatial high frequency component, and computer-readable recording medium having a program for performing the same
19 7,986,343 Multi-eye imaging apparatus
20 7,986,256 A/D converter
21 7,986,198 Frequency-variable acoustic thin film resonator, filter and communication apparatus using the same
22 7,986,175 Spread spectrum control PLL circuit and its start-up method
23 7,986,128 Charger
24 7,986,082 Fluorescent lamp with glass tube and protective layer, method for producing the same, and lighting system
25 7,986,081 Flat display apparatus
26 7,986,019 Solid-state imaging device and its manufacturing method
27 7,986,004 Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof
28 7,986,002 FINFET-type semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
29 7,985,988 Semiconductor device having circuit blocks in a single crystal layer, and bumps on certain blocks
30 7,985,691 Etching method, semiconductor and fabricating method for the same
31 7,985,675 Method for fabricating a semiconductor device that includes processing an insulating film to have an upper portion with a different composition than an other portion
32 7,985,598 Biomolecule-immobilized plate and method for fabricating biomolecule-immobilized plate
33 7,985,495 Assembled battery, power-supply system and production method of assembled battery
34 7,985,078 Electrode junction structure and manufacturing method thereof
35 7,984,996 Dustproof panel
36 7,984,722 Cleaning system of a hair removing apparatus