Panasonic patents granted on 26 October 2010

52 US patents granted on 26 October 2010 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE41,879 Semiconductor memory device
2 RE41,867 MOS image pick-up device and camera incorporating the same
3 7,823,213 Recording apparatus, reproduction apparatus, data processing apparatus, recording and reproduction apparatus and data transmission apparatus and corresponding methods
4 7,823,212 Securely aggregating content on a storage device
5 7,823,209 Information recording medium, information recording medium accessing device, and area setting method
6 7,823,197 Program execution device and program execution method
7 7,823,142 Processor for executing instructions in units that are unrelated to the units in which instructions are read, and a compiler, an optimization apparatus, an assembler, a linker, a debugger and a disassembler for such processor
8 7,823,111 Semiconductor integrated circuit device, semiconductor integrated circuit design method, and semiconductor integrated circuit design apparatus
9 7,823,032 Data recording/reproduction for write-once discs
10 7,822,981 Communication apparatus and authenticating method
11 7,822,952 Context switching device
12 7,822,949 Command supply device that supplies a command read out from a main memory to a central processing unit
13 7,822,489 Electronic device control apparatus, method for controlling electronic device, electronic device control program, and computer-readable recording medium having recorded electronic device control program
14 7,822,393 Transmission apparatus and communication apparatus
15 7,822,392 Frequency modulation circuit, transmission circuit and communication device
16 7,822,222 Loudspeaker and method of manufacturing the same
17 7,822,159 Master side communication apparatus and slave side communication apparatus
18 7,822,151 Reception device
19 7,822,120 Moving picture encoding method, moving picture decoding method, and recording medium
20 7,822,090 Semiconductor device
21 7,821,991 Radio transmission device, and radio transmission method
22 7,821,910 Optical disc, optical disc drive, optical disc recording/reproducing method, and integrated circuit
23 7,821,909 Optical recording medium, manufacturing method for optical recording medium, and reproducing method for optical recording medium
24 7,821,903 Optical pickup device and optical recording medium driving device
25 7,821,896 Data recording/reproduction for write-once discs
26 7,821,892 Optical information recording method, optical information recording device and optical information recording medium
27 7,821,805 Semiconductor memory device
28 7,821,795 Multilayer wiring board
29 7,821,626 Angle measuring device and method
30 7,821,556 Amplifying solid-state imaging device, and method for driving the same
31 7,821,489 Data processing apparatus
32 7,821,463 Mobile telephone with broadcast receiving element
33 7,821,410 Radio-type transmitting device, container, transmitting/receiving system and transmitting/receiving method
34 7,821,306 Switching device drive circuit
35 7,821,303 Comparator and A/D converter
36 7,821,282 Inverter that calculates an average value of direct current DC
37 7,821,207 Lighting unit and discharge lamp
38 7,821,165 Motor and method of manufacturing stator used therefor
39 7,821,138 Semiconductor device with an improved operating property
40 7,821,100 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
41 7,821,096 Semiconductor integrated circuit and system LSI including the same
42 7,821,072 Semiconductor device comprising a stress applying insulating film
43 7,821,030 Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
44 7,821,029 Electrostatic protection element
45 7,820,486 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having a heat sink with an exposed surface
46 7,820,330 Alkaline storage battery and method for producing the same
47 7,820,326 Alkaline battery
48 7,820,294 Touch panel and method of manufacturing the same
49 7,820,234 Manufacturing method of optical information recording medium
50 7,820,230 Plasma doping processing device and method thereof
51 7,820,021 Flip chip mounting method and method for connecting substrates
52 7,819,300 Paste transfer device and electronic component mounting apparatus