Panasonic patents granted on 27 January 2015

48 US patents granted on 27 January 2015 and assigned to Panasonic

1 8,943,339 Data processing apparatus
2 8,942,989 Speech coding of principal-component channels for deleting redundant inter-channel parameters
3 8,942,855 Power distribution system
4 8,942,547 Video signal converting apparatus and video signal converting method
5 8,942,541 Recording medium and recording method reducing processing load in realization of TS packet level copyright protection, and playback device and playback method for playback of such recording medium
6 8,942,540 Interesting section extracting device, interesting section extracting method
7 8,942,493 Image coding method, image decoding method, image coding apparatus, and image decoding apparatus
8 8,942,435 Pre-record data storage device and pre-record data storage method
9 8,942,402 Acoustic speaker device
10 8,942,304 Signal generating method and signal generating device
11 8,942,277 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
12 8,942,269 Nitride semiconductor light-emitting device
13 8,942,199 Terminal apparatus and response signal mappiing method
14 8,942,176 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
15 8,942,050 Method of inspecting variable resistance nonvolatile memory device and variable resistance nonvolatile memory device
16 8,942,025 Variable resistance nonvolatile memory element writing method
17 8,941,957 Battery charger for an electrically-driven vehicle and method of confirming earth leakage applicable thereto
18 8,941,927 Zoom lens system, lens barrel, interchangeable lens apparatus and camera system
19 8,941,759 Interchangeable lens and digital camera including controller for stopping zoom lens at one of discrete predetermined stop positions
20 8,941,718 3D video processing apparatus and 3D video processing method
21 8,941,686 Information display apparatus, display control integrated circuit, and display control method for superimposing, for display, information onto images captured in a time sequence
22 8,941,660 Image generating apparatus, image generating method, and image generating integrated circuit
23 8,941,638 Display device
24 8,941,616 Display device with touch panel
25 8,941,526 Time integrator and .DELTA..SIGMA. time-to-digital converter
26 8,941,514 Image coding and decoding system using variable length coding and variable length decoding
27 8,941,350 Power conversion apparatus, power conversion method, motor system, and two-phase induction motor
28 8,941,321 Discharge lamp lighting device, and illumination apparatus and vehicle including same
29 8,941,280 DC motor with concentrated windings having connecting wires run through armature slots
30 8,941,238 Semiconductor device
31 8,941,201 Display panel and display device
32 8,941,131 Semiconductor light-emitting device
33 8,941,130 Semiconductor light-emitting device
34 8,941,115 Thin-film transistor element and method for manufacturing same, organic electroluminescent display element, and organic electroluminescent display device
35 8,941,103 Organic electroluminescent element
36 8,941,102 Organic electroluminescent element
37 8,941,019 Electronic apparatus and electronic component housing case
38 8,941,004 Solar cell element
39 8,940,198 Conductive adhesive, and circuit board and electronic component module using the same
40 8,940,138 Biosensor system, sensor chip, and method of measuring analyte concentration in blood sample
41 8,940,084 Gas adsorbing device and vacuum insulation panel provided with same
42 8,939,742 Compressor with steel and cast iron sliding materials
43 8,939,501 Seat heater
44 8,939,072 Screen printer having paste feed syringe swayable into paste feed position and storage position
45 8,939,024 Angular velocity sensor
46 8,939,007 Inertial force sensor and zero point correction method used therein
47 8,938,851 Nozzle assembly with one piece body
48 8,938,839 Electric toothbrush