Panasonic patents granted on 27 October 2009

40 US patents granted on 27 October 2009 and assigned to Panasonic

1 RE40,946 Optical disk apparatus
2 D603,089 Fluorescent lamp
3 7,610,630 Method of transferring information specifying a tool utilized for processing a content protected by IPMP
4 7,610,626 Recording medium, recording apparatus, reading apparatus, and program and method therefore
5 7,610,604 Intelligent MPEG media storage, execution, and presentation system using network storage system
6 7,610,594 Method of manufacturing rotary driving device by shaving a surface of a turntable with a cutting tool having a flat cutting edge
7 7,610,533 Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for testing the same
8 7,610,435 Nonvolatile memory device employing a write completion flag table
9 7,610,434 File recording apparatus
10 7,610,427 Functional module card for transferring digital broadcasting signal using a clock generated based on a synchronous signal extracted from a received data signal
11 7,610,424 Arbitration device for arbitrating among a plurality of master devices, arbitration method, and video processing device including the arbitration device
12 7,610,038 Service in wlan inter-working, address management system, and method
13 7,609,955 Image taking device, portable terminal device, image taking method, and program
14 7,609,951 Image pickup processing method and image pickup apparatus
15 7,609,948 Reproduction device, reproduction method and program
16 7,609,947 Method and apparatus for coordinating playback from multiple video sources
17 7,609,941 Multimedia data recording apparatus, monitor system, and multimedia data recording method
18 7,609,892 Image processing method, image processing system, and image processing program
19 7,609,687 Home agent apparatus, mobile router communication system, and communication method
20 7,609,681 Communication apparatus and coexistence method for enabling coexistence of communication systems
21 7,609,610 Data transmission method, data reception method, transmission device and reception device using the same, and communication system using the same
22 7,609,593 Disc drive apparatus
23 7,609,515 Information processing apparatus
24 7,609,232 Plasma display device
25 7,609,212 Portable wireless unit
26 7,609,199 Radar apparatus
27 7,609,194 Clock signal generating device and analog-digital conversion device
28 7,609,123 Direct modulation type voltage-controlled oscillator using MOS varicap
29 7,609,071 Human phantom apparatus, finger phantom apparatus, and apparatus for measuring characteristic of antenna using the same phantom apparatus
30 7,609,046 Constant voltage circuit
31 7,608,940 Power supply device and method of controlling the same
32 7,608,520 Method for bonding substrate, bonded substrate, and direct bonded substrate
33 7,608,456 Micro plate treating device and micro plate carrying method
34 7,608,417 Cell electro-physiological sensor and method of manufacturing the same
35 7,608,385 Information recording medium and method for producing the same
36 7,608,017 Balance exercise machine
37 7,607,944 Multi-pole coaxial connector
38 7,607,841 Pickup device driving apparatus, photographing device using the same, and monitoring camera apparatus
39 7,607,784 Light emission method, light emitting apparatus and projection display apparatus
40 7,607,327 Drum type washing machine