Panasonic patents granted on 27 September 2016

25 US patents granted on 27 September 2016 and assigned to Panasonic

1 9,456,477 Lighting device and lighting fixture using same
2 9,456,388 Network node and communication method
3 9,456,211 Picture coding method, picture decoding method, picture coding apparatus, picture decoding apparatus, and program thereof
4 9,456,207 Projection display apparatus
5 9,456,198 Depth estimating image capture device and image sensor
6 9,456,194 Reception/reproduction device, transmission device, reception/reproduction method and transmission method
7 9,456,154 Imaging apparatus and dark charge measuring method
8 9,456,146 Exposure control device, imaging device, image display device, and exposure control method
9 9,456,109 Information communication method of obtaining information from a subject by demodulating data specified by a pattern of a bright line included in an obtained image
10 9,456,034 Communication terminal, communication control method, and program
11 9,455,672 IV converter and inertial force sensor using IV converter
12 9,455,647 Electret element and vibration power generating device using the same
13 9,455,574 Power distribution system
14 9,455,457 Fuel cell system and method of operating fuel cell system
15 9,455,422 Rectangular battery
16 9,454,985 Optical disc medium and optical disc device
17 9,454,972 Audio and speech coding device, audio and speech decoding device, method for coding audio and speech, and method for decoding audio and speech
18 9,454,068 Projection-type image display apparatus including light source unit with dichroic mirror
19 9,453,851 Composite sensor for detecting angular velocity and acceleration
20 9,453,832 Biological sample measurement device
21 9,453,750 Fluid instrument information providing device
22 9,453,748 Flow meter device
23 9,453,657 Infrared detecting apparatus, infrared detection method, and air-conditioner
24 9,452,532 Robot, device and method for controlling robot, and computer-readable non-transitory recording medium
25 9,452,520 Electric power tool